Different Body Types

Every human body has different features than every other. Genetic predisposition determines largely how our bodies will form and develop even before we are born. Of course, some people just seem to be blessed with all the “right” features, while others may not be so fortunate. However, there are techniques that will enable everyone to look and feel their personal best- regardless of the particular style of body that they have to work with. Let's take a closer look at the different body types and then discuss how to get the most from each of them.

First Things First: The 3 Primary Bodily Classifications

All people are classified as one of the three main bodily types:

  1. ectomorphic
  2. endomorphic
  3. mesomorphic

Here a brief description of each:

The Waist-Hip Ratio
Before puberty, males and females both exhibit similar waist-hip ratios. Once puberty hits, the females begin to develop larger hips, and, of course, breasts. As we age, the female characteristics continue to change more dramatically than those of males. Women tend to distribute their fat fat stores differently than men as well – storing their excess fat tissue in their hips and thighs mainly while men store fat mainly in their mid-sections.

Further Classifications for Female Body Shapes
Because women are genetically predestined to dramatically change the shape of their bodies over time, there have been further classifications created. The commonly-accepted classifications for female body types, past the classification of endo, ecto and mesomorphic, are as follows:

Body Shapes by Percentage of Population

So, as you can see, most women are not “just born” with those hourglass figures. In fact, the vast majority of all people, women and men, have to devote intentional effort over the course of their lives to maintain the figures that they desire to. Here's how to get the most out of your particular body type:

Tips for Toning All Bodily Shapes
First of all, stop worrying so much about which body type you are. It really doesn't matter because there is nothing that you can do to change your genetic code. Instead, concentrate on being the healthiest person that you can be. The key to proper fat storage is to not have too much fat to try to store. Regardless of your body type, you need to base your dietary intake of the following types of foods:

Besides the proper foods, we all need to exercise regularly. You should engage in at least 20 to 25 minutes of exercise that challenges you at least moderately every day. Step away from the TV and take a brisk walk.

Do some Yoga.
Play tennis.
Run around the yard with the kids.

You have to stay active!

There are an unlimited number of activities that will help you to burn extra calories and distribute your excess fat appropriately. The point to remember is that the planet is eating way too much of the wrong foods – and not getting nearly enough physical activity. The way to make your body look its best is to eat properly and always remain active. Embrace your new healthy lifestyle – regardless of your body type - beginning today!

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