Media Effects on Body Weight

Women and men, all over the planet are affected by mass media advertisements, print ads, television productions and major motion pictures alike. Millions of people, especially our youngsters, forget about all make-up artists, wardrobe designers, lighting technicians and computer graphics specialists at work behind every TV show and commercial. They begin to perceive themselves as substandard over time, and they need to be reminded that each person is beautiful in his or her own ways.

How to stop being negatively affected by mass media vehicles:

  • Media’s version of physical beauty are narrow and very limited.
    Be mindful of the fact that the messages that we are bombarded with are not generated with our best interests in mind – at least not most of the time.
  • Become a critical viewer.
    Do not allow the messages that are sent to you to affect you. But keep it real with yourself and recognize the difference between reality and fiction.
  • Get creative with your thoughts and realize that all media events are simply constructions.
    They are meticulously designed to send very specific messages to the masses. Begin to see past the screen and discern what is really being thrown at you.
  • Remember that television shows and movies are filled with advertisements.
    You are seeing only what a given advertiser has intended for you to see – unless you train your mind to “see” beyond the obvious.
  • Decide for yourself what is in your best interest.
    And how you will, or will not, be affected by what you witness on television or in magazines. When a given advertisement is found to be in conflict with what you have dictated, simply ignore that message.
  • Feel free to express yourself.
    Write to advertisers and inform them that you are boycotting their product or service because of the way that they try to force feed you with it. Help to increase public awareness about offensive and inconsiderate advertisements.
  • Make a habit of talking back to negative advertisers.
    Tell them what you think and take it lightly. It can only affect you in a negative manner if you allow it to.

Mindfulness about the media events that we are exposed to means everything. When you make yourself aware of the fictitious nature of the advertisements that you are exposed to, you empower yourself to never again be adversely affected by them. Just like that, they lose their power. What once may have caused you to doubt yourself has now became a positive element of your person that is easily able to rise above advertising falsities.

Remember all of the beauty that you present to the world, especially to those close to you. Media influences have no power over you – unless you allow them to.

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