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Body Type Workout Routines



With so many different workout routines available it can be a hard decision as to which workout would be the best for your type of body. All three main body types require different workout routines if weight loss is the goal.


Some people who struggle with losing weight may have a greater number of fat cells in and around the body, these people often have an endomorph body type.


An Endomorph body type workout should be geared towards burning off more body fat directly from fat cells. This requires the frequent performance of low intensity, aerobic type workouts. Aerobic workouts don’t burn as many calories as a vigorous workout but, they do burn a greater percentage of energy as fat. For this reason the endomorph needs to workout regularly.


Having too much extra body weight may mean even moderate intensity exercise wont allow enough fat burning, whereas a low effort workout routine achieves this plus they help increase fitness levels slightly. Higher fitness levels help raise the metabolism a little so the endomorph can eventually burn more fat during the more vigorous exercise and even at rest. Weight training or high energy workouts may be too intense for an endomorph, especially during the initial stages of new exercise routines. These types of routines can be added when the endomorph has lost weight and developed a good level of fitness.





* Always seek approval from a qualified dietician before introducing new foods or starting any new diet. Gain advice from your doctor before attempting any new workouts no matter what body type you have!

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