Boost exercise motivation trouble sticking to exercising

Getting into a routine of regular exercise isn’t easy. In fact, it can be one of the hardest things to do, especially if you live a hectic lifestyle and are not used to exercising. The second hardest thing to do is stick with a routine once you start it.

We get bored, we get distracted, we get injured, or busy, or sick, or maybe everything’s just too “good” for us to think about exercise right now.

Although there are numerous reasons we should be exercising and attempting to stay in optimum health, there are just too many everyday occurrences that keep us from getting in and staying in routine.

Some of the reasons you may not be exercising include:

  • Too busy working
  • Taking care of kids and family
  • No gym membership
  • No exercise equipment
  • Not enough energy
  • No motivation
  • Too out of shape
  • Injured and believe you physically cannot exercise

Fortunately, if you are ready to get serious about exercising, it doesn’t cost a lot of money and it will not take a lot of your time. And if you are worried about a lack of motivation, there are a ton of loud, bossy opinions out there telling us how to get motivated, and stay motivated.

Are any of them the golden key to looking like a movie star and living to be 100? Only time can tell. For now, just have a look over the list of things that have worked for other people, and see if you can’t find an idea or two to kick you in the bum.

Tips to Get You Motivated to Exercise

1: Find something you love to do

There are endless options when it comes to ways to work out. If you play well with others, join a team. If you want to learn an amazing new skill and get your Zen on, try picking up an art like Karate, Tai Chi, or yoga. Or if you tend to get bored easily, get into outdoor fitness adventures, like hiking, cycling, or climbing.

2: Pick a good time of day

If the idea of jumping out of bed in the morning and rushing to the gym makes you want to hide your head in the sand, don’t plan on working out first thing in the morning. Maybe someday you’ll be a morning person, but it’s not today, and developing one challenging new habit at a time is enough.

3: Make sure you’re doing something convenient

Think of taking classes at a gym or studio on the way to or from work. If it’s a pain to get to, you’re not going to do it, so put a treadmill in front of the TV, jog at a nearby park, or throw away your car keys and put your bike in the driveway.

4: Try new things

The more variety you have in physical activity, the healthier you’ll be. This is because different exercises work out different joints, muscle groups, and organs, which ensures total body fitness. Try a fun new sport, discipline, or exercise every week.

5: Eliminate opportunities for excuses

Another great thing about doing a variety of activities is that you can switch up between two. Maybe you like to run but today, it’s cold and rainy. Goodbye motivation! On days like this, it’s good to have a weight routine or yoga set to do at home. Always keep in mind that every little bit helps. If you miss one day of exercise, there’s no reason to throw the whole week out the window. Even five minutes here and there throughout your day is better than nothing.

6: Remember that fitness happens from the inside out

Many people quit because they don’t see results, but the truth is that all the most important results are invisible. Before you get thin and buff, your organs will be cleansed of fat and toxins, your joints will become supple, and your muscles and immune system will strengthen. Keep in mind that although you can’t see it, an amazing transformation is happening.

7: Reward your body, not your brain

A reward for getting fit should not be eating a pie or lying around like a slug. Treat yourself to a real body luxury, like a massage, a hot sauna, a round of golf, or an active day on the slopes or at the beach. This way, you get a long, rich reward with great memories attached to it, as opposed to post-consumption guilt or lazy-day ennui.

8: Do activities with your friends

Sign up for a yoga class with your best mate or partner. You can motivate each other to go, and push each other to do well. After all, there’s nothing like good old-fashioned social pressure when it comes to doing things you’d rather not.

By applying a magical combination of the above suggestions, every physical activity you do will become an unmitigated delight…just kidding. The truth is that some days will always be hard, but if done properly, working out becomes its own motivation.

At first it can be torture, but eventually, it becomes deeply rewarding and satisfying, leaving you feeling energized and content. Motivating factors come and go, but the guarantee that regular exercise can offer you is that one day you will lift your head up from the sweat and sore muscles and realize that you feel better, and look better, than you ever believed possible.

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