20 Fun Ways to Burn off 200 Calories

Exercise is hard work, with trying to juggle work commitments, family and the general pressures of living, finding time to travel to the local gym and complete a great workout can be very time consuming. For this reason not everyone can exercise sufficiently enough in order to lose weight effectively and permanently.

What many people need is to find a way to burn excess calories on a daily basis without having to re-arrange their entire lifestyle. Below we list a number of ways we can burn up to 200 extra calories without doing what actually feels like exercise.

  1. Gardening – cutting, weeding or raking for 40 minutes can really burn off extra energy. You also manage to keep your garden looking good for those hot summer days. If you don’t have a garden, why not help out an elderly neighbor with their gardening choirs.
  2. Dancing – take a night out and hit the clubs with your partner, rather than going for a slap-up meal. Try to dance gently for ten minute sessions, and go for this five times during the course of the night. This should help to rid you of 200 calories. If you don’t feel you or your partner can dance, then simply copy what others are doing on the dance floor.
  3. Wash up – complete the washing up after each meal for 5 consecutive nights. If you have a dishwasher then give it a rest and do it yourself.
  4. Clean out – if you don’t fancy washing dishes, then try cleaning out old cupboards. A good hour of this should be enough for 200 calories. Be sure to use a step stool to help with stretching and bend with your knees. Cleaning out a garage will also add a great energy deficit to the equation.
  5. Gaming – try playing new and exciting games. Board games, cards, or the Wii Fitness can get your body racing. Be sure not to serve potato chips and high fat snacks; if you must snack, go with fresh popped popcorn, non buttered.
  6. Stairway to heaven – make it your goal to walk up and down your stairs for a total of 20 minutes each day. This can be done sporadically over the course of a day. Although, make sure you are fine to attempt this kind of activity before trying it. Maybe start off doing a few minutes each day and build up.
  7. Dressing up – Get out all your old clothes and try them on. This can be fun and within an hour you’ll burn up to 200 calories.
  8. Shopping – go window shopping for at least an hour. Walk around, enjoy the new fashions and skip the food court.
  9. Let it all out – punching the heck out of a punch bag or a cushion can really build up energy demands, plus you get to let out all that frustration from the stress of everyday living. Even small minute sessions for a total of half hour can be enough.
  10. Go bowling – bowling with the family for an hour can be fun and you’ll burn off 200 calories.
  11. Walk the dog – take the pet dog for a walk. Forty- five minutes should be enough.
  12. Wash the dog – when you get that dog back from your walk, then wash him! Half-hour should be enough for 200.
  13. Hula-hoop – using a hula-hoop for 40 minutes total can really burn them calories away.
  14. Stretch! – Try a stretching routine for one hour before a bath.
  15. Swing away – Swinging on a swing is great fun and a way to burn 200 calories for every hour spent enjoying yourself. We are never too old for a swing!
  16. Horse around – go horse riding for an hour.
  17. Jacuzzi life – Sitting in a hot Jacuzzi or steam room for an hour will help you burn off excess energy.
  18. Massage – go get yourself a massage for an hour. You may not burn 200 calories but it’ll be up to 100 calories plus if possible, go to the sauna and sweat out the bad stuff.
  19. Paint a room – painting will help burn away energy, over 200 calories for every hour. Isn’t it about time you looked at doing up the rooms?
  20. Rearrange the house – Moving furniture around can burn off tons of energy. Just an hour will burn more than 200 calories. Just be careful of heavy furniture and always have someone help you!

Get out there and start burning those extra calories!

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