Calories in Different Butters and Margarines

Butter is not on the dieter’s menu. There are a lot of calories in butter, for 100 grams (a stick) of butter there are 717 calories. And while it’s not very common to eat a whole stick of butter in one sitting, butter is a main ingredient in many foods and if you’re on a diet it’s important to be aware of every calorie and where it comes from.

First thing in the morning you put butter on your toast. For lunch, maybe you have a baked potato with a dollop of melted butter on top? And for dinner, it’d taste great to fry some chicken in butter. And while the taste is 100% divine, your calorie consumption will be off the charts.

Good Alternatives to Butter

Thankfully, there are some good alternatives to butter. Instead of smothering your toast in butter, use a low fat spread (as low as 290 calories/100g). Instead of putting dollop of calorie-bursting butter on your baked potato try using sour cream (usually around 60 calories/100grams). And if you’re really looking for a bit of butter for dinner, cut back your portion.

Butter Substitutes:

With every diet, portion control is incredibly important. So make sure you exercise the same principals with butter and other spreads. You can still experience the amazing taste of butter, but just use a bit less. And remember there are some great alternatives to calorie-rich butter like low-fat spreads, sour cream, and spreads such as hummus. Be aware of where each calorie comes from and you’ll have a better chance at a successful diet.

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