Calories in Mashed, Boiled, and Fried Potatoes

Potatoes contain a surprising amount of nutrients and are extremely filling. How many calories are in a potato? One small boiled potato contains 80 calories, which can easily add up when adding toppings. Despite relatively high calories, potatoes contain a lot of nutrients and should be enjoyed in moderation.

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Like most starches potatoes have a lot of carbohydrates. But despite high carb levels, potatoes have large amounts of important vitamins such as Vitamin C and they contain many antioxidants, which can help fight cancer.

There is also potassium in potatoes, which is beneficial to a healthy heart. Protein in potatoes is also an important nutrient. Potatoes have been known to help decrease blood pressure, build cells, and stimulate brain activity.

So now that you know about the nutritional benefits of potatoes, what about if you’re on a diet? Double or triple the caloric value of a boiled potato and you can easily end up with unwanted calories. And with mashed potatoes about a half a cup of mashed potatoes contains 108 calories. Comparatively, there are 270 calories in a half-cup of fried potatoes, so beware of the calories from excessive oil and fat. French fries maybe delicious but they are not good for the calorie values.

A great replacement for French fries is oven-roasted potato wedges with a pinch of salt and a few teaspoons of olive oil. Keep salt, freshly ground pepper, and other herbs in your kitchen to help dress up the taste of a regular potato.

Potatoes are very filling so plan your portions wisely and you’ll be able to experience the benefits of potatoes without the added guilt of the calories in a potato.

Also, if you’re on a GI-diet, it’s worth noting that a cold potato has half the GI of a warm one.  So a cold potato-salad can keep you full longer without spiking your blood sugar. Just remember to go easy on the mayo.

Even though potatoes have a lot of carbs, they have a lot of nutritional benefits and are perfect side dishes. But if you’re choosing between whether or not to put out the bowl of potato-chips (500 calories per 100 grams) in the middle of the table for you’re movie night, you might want to leave those potatoes alone and go for a couple of carrot sticks instead (100 calories per 100 grams).

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