Calories in Nuts

You shouldn't be surprised to find that there are A LOT of calories in nuts. While the tasty little foods are VERY high in dietary fiber and minerals, as much as 50% of the nut is oil. It is healthy, unsaturated oils, but oil nonetheless.

Check out the table below to see how calories in nuts there are:

Nut TypeCalories (per 100gr.)Fat (per 100gr.)
Brazil Nuts65666
Cashew Nuts55344
Chestnuts, raw and peeled1961
Coconut Meat, raw35433
Peanut Butter, creamy60854
Pecan Nuts69172
Pine Nuts67368
Pistachio Nuts, with shells56275

Now, one thing you need to know about nuts is that they are a high-calorie food you SHOULD be eating. While they contain a lot of fat, that fat is actually the good stuff that your body needs in order to function properly. Nuts offer a lot of health benefits, including:

These are just the primary health benefits of nuts, but the truth is that nuts are so loaded with nutrients that eating them regularly will all but GUARANTEE improved overall health.

Nuts contain lots of Vitamin E, which protects your arteries from cholesterol, your skin and hair from damage, and works as an antioxidant in your body. You get lots of folic acid from certain nuts and seeds, which will prevent homocysteine buildups that can cause dementia, weakened bones, and heart disease.

Nuts are also loaded with niacin, a B vitamin that plays a central role in your heart health. You can get lots of zinc and iron from nuts, which will increase the production of red blood cells and boost your immune system. Nuts are also a great source of other important minerals like manganese, boron, and magnesium.

Basically, nuts are one of the healthiest foods on the planet, so it's a good idea to add them to your diet menu!

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