Calories in Oranges and Orange Juices

The average orange contains 37 calories. It is low calorie and nutritious. High in vitamin C, a great protector of the body's health, an orange, like a banana, is easy to carry around and eat. While you can eat quite a few oranges without the calories piling up, beware of orange juices, especially orange juice drinks with added sugars.

Be sure to get oranges that are in season in your area. They tend to be freshest and juiciest of all.
Orange Calorie Values

OrangeCaloriesWeight (grams)
Common Orange37100
Mandarin Orange32100
Small Jaffa2599
Large Jaffa100350

Keep an eye out for what kind of orange juice or juice drink you are consuming. Orange flavored juice drinks, especially the juice box, tend to be high in added sugars and calories. A freeze squeezed natural orange juice is lower and better for you (does not usually contain additives or artificial flavorings).

Orange Juice Calorie Values

Orange JuiceCaloriesWeight (ml)
Low cal Orange Crush4100
Dairy Orange Juice43100
Bitter Orange3100

All of these above values are estimates. It depends on brand, and even accounting for such, you never know when they’ll change their recipes. Keep an eye on the back of your orange juice carton and make sure you know what you’re drinking.

Here are a few more things you may want to know about oranges and orange juice.

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