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If you're a man, red meat is probably high on your list of "foods I love". Beef is the most common favorite, but pork isn't too far behind. There's nothing quite like a good rack of ribs, a proper Polish sausage, or some good ol' pork chops!

Sadly, pork is one of the worst meats around. It's not only fairly high in fat, but the risk of contamination and bacteria is much higher in pork than in the other red meats. Pork is also the most processed meat, and the sausages, hot dogs, bacon, and other pork products you eat will be highly treated and have a lot of chemical ingredients.

But it's not all bad! There are a few benefits you can obtain by eating pork:

The key to staying healthy with pork is to eat it very infrequently. Many diets tell you to avoid pork altogether, which is often a good idea. Pork calories can be very high, as you'll see in our nifty table below:

Pork (100g - 3.5oz)CaloriesProteinTotal FatSaturated FatUnsaturated Fat
Pork chop - lean & fat (raw)17518.511.24.46.3
Pork chop (grilled)2502815.35.68.1
Pork blade (roasted)24327155.58.1
Pork tenderloin - lean (raw)12221.
Pork tenderloin - roast (cooked)15828.
Pork belly (raw)252177.87.911.7
Pork roast - lean & fat (raw)146216.92.63.7
Pork roast - lean & fat (cooked)12319.94.31.62
Pork spare-ribs (braised)38929.130.311.817.7
Pork spare-ribs (raw)23418187.110.1
Pork rashers - smoked (raw)29816.225.79.615
Pork rasher - smoked (cooked)132234.31.62.4
Pork rasher - streaky (raw)25816.6217.812
Pork rasher - streaky (cooked)33423.825.712.912.1
Pork liver pâté35210.633.312.718.1
Pork rillettes42915.340.814.321.7
Pork pure sausage (cooked)29518.8249.313-3
Dry sausage390263111.817.7

Of course, despite the health benefits of pork, you need to understand that your risk of contamination is much higher when you eat bacon, sausage, pork chops, and other pork meats.

Pigs live in mud and filth, which means they are exposed to many more bacteria than cows, sheep, goats, and chickens. Trichinella is a parasite that often lives inside the muscles of pigs. When humans consume the muscles (that's where all the meat comes from), the parasites can spread to the human digestive system--a condition called Trichinellosis. This parasitic disease can have serious symptoms, which can take weeks to deal with.

However, this problem can be avoided by choosing healthy, lean cuts of pork, and cooking the meat fully. While you can eat red meat rare, pork always has to be cooked thoroughly in order to reduce your risk of exposure to parasites. It's the best way to be safe while eating pork.

And remember, just because pork is slightly higher in calories, that doesn't mean all cuts of pork are bad. Pork chops, loins, and tenderloins can all be a diet-friendly choice, provided you remove the fat before eating. You can enjoy lean cuts of pork on any diet, and benefit from the high protein, mineral, and B vitamin content of this delicious red meat!

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  1. Thanks for this post! Pork isn't an ideal food item when you are on a calorie restricted diet. However, it is nice to know how many calories are in a serving as it is a popular food choice and can’t seem to avoid it especially when it comes to the barbeque.

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