How Many Calories are in Salad

The table below lists the calorie content of many common salad foods including the number of calories in some salad creams and sauces.

Salad calories are very low, some experts believe they contain less energy than it takes to digest and absorb the nutrients, these are referred to as negative calorie foods, however there is no strong scientific evidence to back these claims.

Though salads are healthy by ways of the vegetables and fresh greens, it is easy to over stuff salads with high calorie items. Bacon bits, ranch dressing, and even fatty meats can kill the "heathiness" of the salad. Don't succumb to adding high fat salad dressings, unnecessary meats (do you really need bacon bits), and processed cheeses.

Calorie count of popular vegetables in salads

VegetableCalories Per PortionCalories Per 100 Gramm
Beetroot7, each35
Beetroot, pickled5, each30
Onions, pickled4, each24
Onions, Spring2,523
Gherkings, pickled1,514
Radish1,3 12

Calorie count of popular salad dressings

Salad Cream/ Dressingper Portion (10ml)per 100ml (3.5 oz)
French Dressing65650
Salad Cream35350
Mango Chutney30300
Apple Chutney20200
Salad Cream, low fat20200
Tomato Chutney16160
Pickle Sweet14140

Remember adding salad creams/ sauces can treble the calorie content of all salads. Many salad creams contain more calories per tablespoon than all the salad foods together!

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  1. yvonne says:

    How we do know what the portion size is?? The chart doesn't say.

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