Beer Calories & Carbs - More Than You Think

Who doesn't love a cold brewskie on the weekend, at the pool, or by the ocean? There's nothing quite as refreshing and relaxing as a cold beer at the right time!

Beer is actually a fairly high-carb drink, thanks to the fact that it's made from fermented grains and sugars. The carbs aren't the only reason that beer is often high in calories, but the alcohol adds to the calorie content.

Check out the table below to see just how many carbs your favorite beers contain:

Beer & Cider (12oz)Carbohydrates (grams)Calories
Regular Beer (4.5% alcohol)10.9139.4
Regional Breweries Beer10.9119
Special Beer (5.6% alcohol)15.3198.2
Dark Beer17.7160.5
Light Beer (3% alcohol)13.9113.2
Strong Beer (>8% alcohol)15.6198.4
Alcohol-Free Beer16.788.7
Budweiser (5.0%)10.6145
Bud light (4.2%)6.6110
Miller lite (4.2%)3.296
Coors Light (4.15%)5.3104
Corona extra (4.6%)14148
Heineken (5%)11.5150
Average Cider12.6114.6
Dry Cider8.2109
Sweet Cider19.4122.4
Traditional Cider7.5116.3

As you can see, not all beers are created equal. Some light beers are fairly low in calories and carbs, while darker ales and stouts are much higher in both.

But you'd be amazed by all the health benefits you can obtain from drinking a beer or two per day:

Beer isn't just an excellent social lubricant that helps you to get out of yourself and relax around your friends, but it's a drink that promotes improved long-term health. If you want to live a long, healthy life, it's time to add a bit of beer to your life. Just one beer per day is all you need to improve your health. The calories and carbs in the beer won't have a drastic effect on your weight loss efforts, and you can obtain all the benefits listed above from that single glass of beer per day!

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