Carbs in Fruits

The table below lists amount of carbohydrates in different fruits. Because most energy from fruit comes from carbohydrates we have also listed the calorie content for an average piece.

The carbohydrates in many fruit may differ between individual pieces depending on their ripeness and source. Canned fruit often contains more carbohydrate levels than their natural counterparts due to added sugars.

Fruit Carbohydrates Table

Fruit Carbohydrates Calories per piece
Apple 10.5 grams 44
Apple cooking 9 grams 35
Apricot 6.7 grams 30
Avocado 2 grams 150
Banana 26 grams 107
Blackberries each 0.2 grams  1
Blackcurrant each 0.25 grams 1.1
Cherry each 0.6 grams 2.4
Clementine 7.5 grams 30
Currants 1.4 grams 5
Damson 7.2 grams 28
Dates 3.3 grams 12.5
Gooseberries 0.65 grams 2.6
Grapes each 0.6 grams 2.4
Grapefruit whole 23 grams 100
Guava 4.4 grams 24
Kiwi 8 grams 34
Lemon 3.4 grams 20
Lychees 0.7 grams 3
Mango 9.5 grams 40
Melon 26 grams 110
Nectarines 9 grams 42
Olives trace 6.8
Orange 8.5 grams 35
Passion Fruit 3 grams 30
Paw Paw 6 grams 28
Peach 7 grams 35
Pear 12 grams 45
Pineapple 12 grams 50
Plum 6 grams 25
Prunes 2.2 grams 9
Raisins 1.4 grams 5
Raspberries each 0.2 grams 1.1
Rhubarb 0.8 grams 8
Satsumas 8.5 grams 35
Strawberries (1 average) 0.6 grams 2.7
Sultanas 1.4 grams 5
Tangerine 6 grams 26

Values for carbohydrates in fruit varies based on different sized pieces!

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4 Responses to Carbs in Fruits

  1. Katie says:

    The numbers on the calorie/carbohydrate chart here are incorrect. For example you have the carbohydrate content of apple as twice as high as pear and pineapple, whereas pears and pineapple are higher than apples . There is no point having values that are incorrect on such a chart! It also only says "grams" at the head of the column which isnt enough information - is this meaning carbohydrate content per 100grams/per portion or what??

  2. Preeti says:

    Hi Katie, the calories have been corrected. It's specified the size of the fruit or cup size. Since no two fruits are exact size, these are approximations for a small/medium fruit.

    Hope this helps!

  3. Peter says:

    I eat about 10 medium sized strawberries and two slices of rye toast for breakfast with a cup of black coffee sweetened with unpasteurized honey, this fills me up for the day, I top up later with various healthy snacks, I cut out fries,white rice,chips candy etc, I have lowered my blood pressure from highs like 165/95 to 92/65 have lost 60lbs and reduced my blood sugar to a healthy level in 6 months of this diet, I take a brisk 30 minute walk 4 times a week, I feel happy and healthy on this simple regime.

  4. gary says:

    You do not give the mass or weight of the fruits. Since , for example, bananas come in at least three sizes covering substantial weights what is thier caloric and sugar content? You can not deduce the actual sugar consumption form what is in reality, a useless table. Get wiht fatties and fix it.

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