Diet Foods You ALWAYS Need to Have Handy

When it comes to losing weight, your biggest challenge is definitely going to be eating properly. You can do exercise fairly easily, but it’s so much harder to say “No!” to temptation when you feel the need to eat something that you know you shouldn’t.

However, there are a few diet foods that you should have always with you or available at home. These foods will help you to fill up on something healthy and low calorie, and they’re ideal for anyone interested in losing weight!


Need a filling snack? Boil yourself a couple of eggs. Eat just one of the egg yolks, and you’ll get a filling 100 calories of solid protein and minerals. Eggs are nice and filling, and they’ll give you a low calorie energy boost.


Chick peas are loaded in fiber, and you’ll find that they are very filling. If you have a container of hummus handy at all times, you can snack on the dip and a few veggie sticks. Carrot and celery sticks are ideal snacks, and adding the tasty hummus to the mixture will be very low calorie but highly delicious.

Chia Seeds

You’d be amazed by how much these little seeds expand when you throw them in water or juice. If you want to fill up without adding a lot of calories to your day, drink a cup of freshly squeezed OJ with a couple of spoons full of chia seeds thrown in.


Yoghurt may be high in fat, but you’ll find that it’s very filling as well! It’s a great snack to eat when you’re craving something sweet, provided you eat only the natural yoghurt. It can even help to prevent your body from absorbing fat, particularly Greek yoghurt.


This grain is one of the healthiest things there is! You’ll find that it’s not just loaded with fiber and minerals, but it also has a healthy dose of protein as well. It’s very filling, and you can eat a whole lot of it without worrying too much about the calories.


This cheese is a wonderful addition to your household, and not just because it’s incredibly delicious! You’ll find that parmesan cheese is fairly low in calories, and you only need to eat a little bit to fill up. It’s a tasty treat that you can enjoy at any time of the day.

Grain Bread

We’re not talking the stuff that you buy in the supermarket that says “Brown Bread” or “Whole Wheat”. We’re talking the sprouted, all-natural grain bread that you buy in specialty stores like Trader Joe’s. The sprouted grains contain a lot more nutrients than baked wheat, and you’ll find that the bread is very, very healthy.


If it’s nutty, it’s healthy! Almonds are probably the best of the nuts, as they contain a balance of minerals, fats, and proteins that will be amazing for your weight loss. You’ll definitely want to keep raw almonds and organic almond butter around your house, and grab a quick handful of almonds when you need to snack.


As long as you eat this without the tortilla chips, you’ll do great on calories! You can buy salsa ready-made from the supermarket, or make your own. Serve it with hummus and veggie sticks, and you have a fresh, tasty dip that is incredibly versatile!

As long as you have these things handy, you’ll find that you can always stay faithful to your diet. It’s going to be much harder to go overboard with these healthy, filling, low-calorie snacks available at any time of day!

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