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How Do Fat Binder Pills Work?



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Fat binders are also known as fat magnets. They claim to be able to lower cholesterol and contribute to weight loss. These products usually contain chitosan, which comes from chitin. You are, in really, swallowing ground up shells of shrimp, lobster, and crabs. Chitosan is supposed to cause weight loss by binding fats in the stomach and preventing them from being digested and absorbed. Although chitosan can decrease fat absorption, the amount in fat binders is too small to have much effect on cholesterol levels. Your doctor can prescribe a number of drugs which can actually lower cholesterol. Both the British Advertising Standards Authority and the FDA have won suits against advertisers of chitosan. As a result, advertisers must make clear in future that the product had not been proven to aid slimming or prevent weight gain. Most fat binders carry the following warning. Let the buyer beware.



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Here’s the scoop on four popular fat binders.

Absorbital Fat Binder has 900mg of chitosan. The product safety information warns not to take the product if you are allergic to shellfish. Only one consumer recommendation is given, dated August 2006. Kisa, from the USA, reports that she loves it.

LipoSan Ultra’s claim to fame is that its chitosan formula is better than other chitosan formulas. Swansom Health Products endorses the product “because we believe it is the most effective ephedra-free weight-loss supplement anywhere.” Each pill contains 500g of chitosan. Pills must be taken before meals.

Proactol, like many products, has its own website offering positive recommendations for using the product and losing weight. WeightlossHD.com even provides testimony from a former obese person on why it worked for him. If you scan down the page, however, you’ll find that the website is just a shill selling Proactol. The unidentified man offers no any scientific evidence to back up his claim, but he does urge you to stock up because supplies are going fast.

RX-ed.Com offers advice on Xenical. Unfortunately, the list of warnings is longer than the text on what Xenical does. There is an “Ask the Doctor” section on the website, but most information relates to shipping costs, refunds, bonuses if you order more than once, and replacement orders if customs seizes your order when it enters the country.

Perhaps the best site to review regarding fat binders is Fatbinders.com. They dispute claims about fat binder products. More importantly, they give useful advice like eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, drink a lot of water, and exercise. Of course, if you follow that common sense piece of advice, you probably won’t need the fat binder.









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