Information on different Diet Pills available

What Are the Different types of Diet Pills Available? 

In the past two decades, Americans have become obsessed with losing weight. As a result, they have spent billions of dollars every year on appetite suppressants, fat burners, and fat binders. The purpose of this paper is not to endorse any type of weight loss product. Rather, it is to provide information for the informed consumer.

Appetite Suppressants

Many people think that their weight problem is caused by not knowing when to stop eating. They reason that if they don’t feel hungry, they won’t eat as much and will lose weight. The appetite suppressant was designed to lessen a person’s psychological motivation for food. Phenylpropanolamine (PPA), one of the most widely used appetite suppressants, affects the hypothalamus, a control center in the brain. PPA interrupts the ability of the hypothalamus to tell the body when it’s hungry. This curbs the appetite and the individual wants less food. By eating less, a person loses weight. PPA is found in Dexatrim, Vitaslim, Hungrex and Acutrim. PPA along with diet and exercise promotes weight loss. You must stay on PPA or your hunger will return and you will most likely regain your weight. The most common side effects include thirst, irritability, palpitation, tiredness and jitteriness. Major side effects include cardiac arrhythmias, intracerebral hemorrhage, acute dystonia, myocardial injury, psychosis, cerebral arteritis and hypersensitive crisis.



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