Effects of Using Diet Pills

With 60% of Americans considered to be overweight, fad diets and trends have become increasingly popular, especially, diet pills. What most people don’t know is that losing weight is a lifestyle change. Losing weight is literally changing your life to healthy eating and exercise. However, most people want quick fixes and immediate results, which won’t give you lasting weight loss and is incredibly unhealthy.

There are many diet pills to choose from when browsing the aisles of the drug store, but what most people don’t know is that there are no rules that the potential side effects must be posted. So you might be under the assumption that these pills are good for your and can give you your desired weight loss with no side effects.

There is only one diet pill that is approved by the FDA (Xenical) and even that is under going investigation for possible liver damage.

Diet pills can be divided by two functions:

And these drugs are then categorized into three available options:

Most diet pills are intended for short use of less than six months, in addition to healthy eating and exercise. Using diet pills longer than their recommended time can cause addiction and even more weight gain. Besides addiction, diet pills come with a lot of nasty side effects such as:

Certain brands of diet pills such as Hydroxycut, TrimSpa, and any drug containing ephedra can cause a multitude of symptoms ranging from:

The risk of diet pills just isn’t worth it. If you give yourself reasonable goals, time, and patience you’ll be able to achieve your weight loss dream in a healthy way. Unless prescribed by a doctor, stay away from diet pills. Eat healthy and exercise daily, your body will thank you.

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