50 Short Weight Loss Tips

Here are 50 short and sweet weight loss motivation tips for staying on the right track:

1. Set goals. Getting to where you want to go is easier when you know where you’re going.

2. Eat simple foods. The fewer ingredients, the better.

3. Avoid sugar.

4. Eat more protein. The importance of protein cannot go understated.

5. Move your body. It wasn’t meant to sit around.

6. Build a support system. Challenges are easier to meet with the help and support of friends.

7. Drink water first thing in the morning. Have a glass waiting by your nightstand if it helps.

8. Eat more small meals, fewer large meals

9. Wear blue. Strange as it may seem, weight loss studies show the color blue suppresses appetite.

10. Eat all the vegetables you can. As a rule, you probably won’t eat too many vegetables. The weight loss benefits of eating vegetables are astounding.

11. Wean yourself off of sugary coffee. It is possible to drink coffee black. Work towards doing so!

12. Use a mirror in your dining area. People eat less when they can see themselves eat.

13. Put your fork down between bites. Savor the moment.

14. Ban foods containing high fructose corn syrup from your diet.

15. Use exercise as a tool to alleviate boredom.

16. Stay positive!

17. Use a weight loss app to count calories.

18. Avoid white foods. Yogurt and cauliflower are among very few exceptions of white foods that are not bad for you.

19. Go spicy! Using hot sauce to spice up your foods can cause you to eat slower and get fuller faster.

20. Strengthen your body with the four most important exercises.

21. Ask for your dressing on the side.

22. Start now. Don’t procrastinate what you know you need to do.

23. Wait until your stomach is growling before you eat. This prevents unnecessary overeating.

24. Eat negative calorie foods.

25. Take the stairs.

26. Build carb-free meals that center around protein and vegetables only.

27. Drink water 30 minutes before a meal.

28. Go for a long, brisk walk on a regular basis.

29. Eat nuts for weight loss rather than sugary snacks.

30. If you’re not already drinking skim milk, start drinking milk lower in fat.

31. Avoid fruit juice with added sugars. Instead, just eat fruit!

32. Put a treadmill in your living room so next time you watch TV you can burn calories while doing so.

33. Be kind to yourself. You don’t respond well when other people yell at you, so don’t yell at yourself.

34. Weigh yourself. By doing so regularly, you can remain focused on your progress.

35. Be honest with yourself. When you cheat on counting calories, you only cheat yourself. Start with an honest inner dialogue.

36. Don’t eat alone. You eat less when you have people to converse with.

37. Buy new clothes after you go down a few sizes. This gives you “fat clothes” to use as motivation.

38. Exercise regularly. Exercise reverses aging and helps weight loss.

39. Eat low-fat Greek yogurt. It’s filling, rich in protein, and low in calories.

40. Weigh your food with a kitchen scale so you’re not left to estimate how many calories you’re consuming.

41. Get a full night of sleep every night. Sleep is the foundation of a healthy and balanced life.

42. Drink green tea, studies show it can help stimulate weight loss benefits.

43. Try a vegan diet for fast weight loss. It’s fun, new, and better tasting than you’d probably think!

44. Set yourself up for success with realistic goals.

45. Avoid diet pills and products that make unrealistic claims and promises.

46. Go to the grocery store on a full stomach.

47. Avoid stress as it is one of the biggest causes of overeating.

48. Brush your teeth after meals; the mint in toothpaste signals to your brain that eating is over.

49. Ask for a to-go box before your food has even arrived at a restaurant.

50. Prepare ahead of time to stay on track with your diet before a disruption in your daily routine.

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