Free Weight Loss Tips for Dieting

When developing a free diet plan, consider these important steps:

  1. Estimate calorie requirements for your present weight
  2. Roughly calculate your present calorie consumption by recording food consumed in an average day
  3. Start the diet by reducing your present daily calorie intake by about 300 calories 
  4. When weight loss slows reduce calorie consumption by a further 100 per day.
  5. A diet plan should consist of mainly natural foods low in calories and high in nutrients to help avoid any nutrient deficiency

A diet plan can be kept nutritionally sound by consuming a balanced diet consisting mostly natural wholesome foods and ingredients, essentially high in fiber and low in fat. The diet plan should never be completely changed from your old eating habits so the simplest way is to consume foods you normally eat but substitute them for the more natural type.

A good diet plan should introduce any changes slowly and not drift too much from normal food preference. Trying to consume foods your not keen on wont help motivation so try to use more herbs and spices to add flavor and even a detox diet.

The diet plan should be designed to fit into your lifestyle effectively by planning how meals will be prepared each day so take a while to think about your free diet plan to see if any changes will affect you and whether you are prepared to accept these changes.

Free diet tips:

  • choose low fat varieties similar or same as your normal food choices
  • always consume slightly less calories than the body requires
  • never go below 1500 calories per day
  • after weight loss of 3-5 pounds readjust your daily calorie intake
  • exercise regularly
  • raise your activity level

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