The Role of a Dietician

A dietitian is an individual who possesses special training and education in nutrition. The position focuses on aiding the implementation of healthy eating choices, development of appropriate menus, and participates in nutritional research; they are regulated by the American Dietetic Association (ADA).

The term dietitian is a broad title, this profession can be further broken down into a community, clinical, or management dietitian, there are also simply consultants. These people work in hospitals, schools or private practice promoting wise nutritional food habits and continuing research.

According to the US Department of Labor, in the United States there are only 46 states which have implemented laws regarding the practice of dietetics. The requirements of a dietician vary by state; 1 state requires registration, 12 have statutory certification, and 33 have licensure guidelines.

A dietician usually has a minimum of a bachelor’s degree specific to dietetics, food service, or food and nutrition. These degrees focus in food and nutrition, chemistry and biochemistry, biology and microbiology, as well as physiology. Additional course work in psychology and sociology, business, statistics, economics, and computer science is also a good idea as the position of a dietician requires a wide basic knowledge.

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