10 Reasons Most Dieters Regain the Weight

If you thought that 80% of small businesses failing within the first year was a huge number, then you haven’t seen anything yet.

Dieters trump that with room to spare. Around 90% of all individuals who have dieted have regained their initial weight, with a large percentage of that number putting on additional pounds.

With numbers like these, people certainly have a right to be cynical about dieting. But it isn’t that diets do not or cannot work for everyone; it’s more that people view dieting incorrectly.

We will discuss the top ten reasons dieters regain their weight, so you know what to look for in order to avoid the weight gain.

10 Most Common Reasons for Regaining the Weight

    1: Sporadic Dieting 

    A large percentage of dieters only “stick” to their diets when it’s convenient for them or when they remember; then they inevitably regain the weight and throw a fit proclaiming diets don’t work.

    2: Mistimed Dieting
    A lot of us have a habit of trying to begin a diet at the wrong times. For example: You want to lose 20 pounds before you meet the family for Thanksgiving. Bad idea! You may end up gaining back 30 during this holiday season.

    3: Restrictive Dieting

    Fad diets fail more than any other diets under the sun, and that’s because they require you eliminate some of the foods you love. You will most likely enjoy them again – and ultimately end up enjoying more of them.

    4: Nonchalant Dieting

    Not taking dieting seriously is one of the biggest reasons people regain weight. They view dieting as an activity or a temporary solution instead of the lifestyle change it is meant to be.

    5: Fantasy Dieting

    Setting unrealistic goals is why a lot of dieters regain the weight. Once they cannot reach their dream goal of 20 pounds slimmer in a month, they get a to-heck-with-it attitude and balloon up.

    6: Breakneck Dieting

    Some dieters go at a frantic pace that they cannot keep up, ultimately pushing themselves too hard, failing, and falling back into old habits.

    7: Lazy Dieting

    Some dieters do not push themselves hard enough, relying only on a few cut-backs or even medications to do the work for them.

    8: Quitter Dieting

    Many dieters outright quit certain aspects of their program; i.e. cutting out the exercise, deciding to diet only on weekdays, convincing themselves that they’ll make up the difference later, etc.

    9: Promise Dieting

    A lot of individuals make promises with themselves but never actually follow through. They become convinced that they’re dieting, and they truly want to lose the weight, but they do not put forth the effort required.

    10: Short-Term Dieting

    Making the mistake that you only need to diet until you reach a certain weight is why most end up regaining weight. A diet needs to be viewed as a life-long venture, not a short-term exercise.

If you are living an active lifestyle and ingesting fewer calories than you burn off, then it is a fact that everyone can lose weight. It’s not a catchy tag line for a weight-loss product. It’s hard science.

Sticking with a diet and avoiding the reasons listed here is how you will be able to lose weight and sustain the weight loss without putting the pounds back on.


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