Do You Know What’s In Your Processed Food?

We all know that processed food is going to kill us, but it’s always a treat to find out just how! Perhaps it’s the high fructose corn syrup that has been snuck into the recipe, or the new cancer-causing sugar alternative that scientists have discovered. Maybe we’ll grow a third eye thanks to the new artificial coloring, or that “meat product” has the latest version of mad cow disease.

Eating processed food is like Russian roulette, as you never know which of the ingredients is worse for you. If you’re going to eat some processed food, you’ve got to know what bullets are in the chambers…

Breakfast Cereals

No, I’m not talking Quaker Oats or All-Bran, but I’m referring to anything that is brightly colored, has the words “sweet” or “sugar” in them, or comes with an explosive name like “blasts”. You’ve got the villain high fructose corn syrup in there, plus plenty of saturated and trans fats from the canola and peanut oils used to make the cereals. There’s going to be a whole lot of artificial colorings in your Lucky Charms, plus artifici/al flavors to make it as “Grrrrrreat!” as it claims to be.

Anything “Cheez”

Cheez Whiz is just one of the “cheez” products, made of artificial ingredients that somewhat resemble real yellow cheese after it has been melted and dropped on the ground. You’ll find that there’s lots of corn syrup in this “Cheez”, along with sodium phosphate, odd food colorings, “natural flavors”, and preservatives. Anyone up for a bite of cancer?

Big Mac

The Big Mac is already a calorie-loaded meal that’s going to be quite hard on your poor intestines, but did you know that the special Big Mac sauce is loaded with more than 30 ingredients? These ingredients include xantham gum, HFCS, spice “Extractives”, preservatives, sodium benzoate, and a dozen more ingredients with 5 to 10 syllable names. You’ll find that the “special sauce” is as special as a belly full of arsenic – though much tastier, to be sure.


Chicken McNuggets are just some of the “meat-ish” foods that are offered by fast food joints, and BK, Wendy’s, KFC, and all the others have their own versions of the foods. While many of them are made with something that may once have been chicken, much of it was the stuff that no one wanted to eat. You’ll find that these delicious nuggets are also filled with texturized soy protein, “enriched” wheat flour, bleached wheat flour (they’re not even trying to make it seem healthy here),  corn oil, and a load of chemicals that keep the “meat” from turning into sludge before you eat it. if you’ve ever eaten cold chicken nuggets, you know just how little they resemble real chicken.


Potato chips are a weakness that many of us have, but they are probably the healthiest chips around. Oh sure, they’re deep fried in hydrogenated oils and sprinkled liberally with MSG and other flavorings, but you’d be amazed by how awful some of the flour-based chips can be! Not only are they made with “enriched” white flour (total crap!), but they’re totally devoid of even the few nutrients that real potatoes have. Pringles are probably the worst of the worst, as they’re made with dehydrated potatoes, wheat starch, maltodextrin (a popular processed food ingredient), and up to 30 different chemicals with names most scientists can’t even pronounce. Thankfully, it’s the “Loaded Baked Potatoes” Pringles that are the villains, while regular Pringles only have about 11 ingredients – many of which are still chemical of course!


Telling you to “watch what you eat” these days is similar to saying, “Enjoy your jaunt through that land mine field over there!” Better stay away from these processed food choices, and keep your body safe!

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