Don’t Gain Weight over Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a great time of the year for many people. We can take a tally of our lives and truly be thankful for our health, our friends and family, etc. But depending on how much caution you throw to the wind, you could find that you’re actually regretful of Thanksgiving come Christmas due to the weight you’ve gained.

It’s easy for someone to say “don’t gain weight over Thanksgiving,” but unless you’re actually paying attention to the food you’re consuming, it’s a little harder to do.

With so many different types of foods, even picky eaters can pack on a few extra pounds and find it hard to lose weight. So before you get carried away this holiday season, check out these few tips to ensure you don’t gain weight over Thanksgiving.

How to Avoid the Weight Gain

Shop Smart

One of the most important factors that you need to consider so you don’t gain weight is to shop smart. By knowing exactly what you’re buying, you’ll know exactly what you’re eating. Avoid those processed foods, refined sugars, and simple carbs altogether. Go for all-natural ingredients and implement some true home-cooking. You will avoid many bad choices this way and work to avoid that weight gain.

Just Say No

Avoid those leftovers. Sure, a Friday morning Thanksgiving plate might be somewhat of a tradition, but we’re concerned with cutting back on the fat this year, so give those leftovers away, freeze them, or transform them into healthy dishes (i.e. leftover turkey makes a great soup or even a healthy potpie with a whole wheat crust).

Don’t Forget the Exercise

Many people use the Thanksgiving holiday to avoid exercise they’d otherwise do. This is a bad move and will result in those calories being used for fat storage instead of for body fuel. You should always be exercising; and even if you’re not on a regimen, per se, you should still be active and working to burn calories around this time of year.

Monitor Your Portions

There’s nothing anyone can say to you that’s going to make you give up completely on that pecan pie or that cranberry relish and cornbread stuffing. Moreover, denying yourself foods you really enjoy can lead to binge eating later on. So, instead of saying no altogether to these foods, we’re going to practice moderation with them. Instead of using that big scoop, just get a spoonful. Instead of going back for seconds, take your time on the first plate and let yourself be full. This will help you to avoid weight gain.

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