Dress Well to Minimize Fat Thighs

For guys, large thighs may be a sign of masculinity and amazing leg strength, but for many women, large thighs are just one more thing to get rid of! Dealing with that extra thigh fat is a challenge that can take months to overcome, but in the meantime, here are a few tips to help you dress to make those hefty thighs look slimmer:

  1. Try Spanks — Spanks are just one of the many types of body-slimming underwear/undergarments that can help to shrink the look of your thighs. They’re definitely not a you-friendly choice, but they can help to slim down hefty thighs if you need to look stunning in an evening gown.
  2. Find the right pants –– If you’re going to wear pants, make sure that they have a wide leg. Skinny jeans and pants that taper at the ankle or calf will highlight the size difference between your upper and lower leg, making your thighs look even bigger than they already are. Wide-leg pants will hide the size difference, and loose-fitting flare-leg pants can help to draw attention away from your thighs. Jeggings work if your thighs are only slightly larger than normal. Any pants with side stripes (currently quite popular) is a great choice to take the attention from your thighs.
  3. Get a jacket — Did you know that a jacket can hide fat thighs? You want a jacket that is nicely fitted to your form, or one that flares out just above thigh level. It will bring all the attention upward, away from your thighs and toward your waistline and bust.
  4. Find the right dress or skirt –– If you’re going to wear a dress, avoid anything that is tight or form-fitting. It will cling to your thighs and make them look bigger than they are. Pencil skirts and straight skirts are also a no-no, and try to avoid skits that taper at the knee. The ideal skirts will be those that hang full from the waist down, as they will be loose and flowing–perfect to hide the thighs. An empire-line dress will help to take the attention off your thighs. Mini-skirts are a total no-no if you’re trying to hide the thighs. Find dresses with a tighter waist, a wide flare at the hips, and a hemline that finishes well below the knees–even down to the ankles.
  5. Draw attention upward — If you want people to ignore your thighs, draw attention to the God-given assets you’ve got up top. Scoop neck and V-neck tops will show cleavage (which, as you well know, will draw every man’s eye), and you can use jewelry to keep their eye at the bust line.
  6. Choose the right colors –– The best colors to help you hide your thighs are dark: black, brown, dark grey, maroon, etc. Black has a slimming effect, but any dark colors can help to make your thighs look thinner than they are.
  7. Wear the right shoes –– Your shoes can make or break your outfit! Nude heels are a beautiful addition, as they help to make your legs look longer and much slimmer. Chunky heels and wedges are often your best choice of shoe. They will balance out your proportions and draw the attention downward–away from your thighs. Boots and shoes with ankle straps will make your legs look shorter, which will in turn make your thighs look bigger. Ankle boots are also a bad choice. Basically, you want shoes that make your legs longer, as that will balance out the proportions.



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