Three Easy Exercises for Men to Lose the Beer Belly

There is no one particularly exercise that can target fat on the belly, or any part of the body. Spot exercising is not possible. Sad, but true. The body works as a system and loses weight across the whole system, not just in one particular place. But, with the right regimen of diet and exercise, you will be able to lose fat all over and wow the ladies before you know it.

Most men are okay with carrying a little extra weight, but when you see a man with a flat stomach and the way the ladies respond, you can’t help but agree that looking better will always make you feel better. While there is no magic potion to target belly fat, following these three tips and a good diet, you can look and feel great.

    1. Weight loss through cardio training

While weight training is good for you and will help you burn off fat in the long run, you will have to throw in some cardio training in order to boost your metabolism sufficiently.

Every other day, you should try to put in at least half an hour of cardio exercise in. This can be done through jogging, running on the treadmill, spending the time on a stationery bike or in fact any exercise that is going to increase your heart rate.

As your heart rate increases and your body requires more energy to continue exercising it is going to look at one place – the fat that is stored around your body. As you get more used to it, you can add more cardio in to your routines to improve your fat burning capabilities.

    2. Tone that belly with crunches

When it comes to the belly, it pays for the muscles to be taut and not slack. Doing crunches will not target that area of fat specifically, but it will make you look better as you lose weight. Imagine the joy of losing the fat to reveal a toned six-pack underneath, just waiting to come out.

There are a number of crunches that you can do which will benefit your stomach and improve muscle tone. Basic crunches are very easy to do and are performed very much like a sit up. Just go up halfway, then hold while your abs are tightened. As you improve, you can add more intricate crunches to get even better results.

    3. Hit the floor with push-ups

Push-ups are not the choice of army drill sergeants for nothing. In their basic form, push-ups target your arms and chest, but it is important to remember that the more muscles you work, the more energy you use. The more energy you use, the more fat is burned from your body. Push-ups are easy and can be done whenever you’ve got the time (and the floor space).

As with all exercise routines, be sure to do it safely and correctly. Improper form and overtraining can easily lead to stress fractures and pain. Consider using a trainer or instructor and if you choose to workout with weights always have a spotter present.

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