Easy Ways to Manage Cravings

Managing cravings is incredibly tough! Cravings are a sort of overwhelming impulse to eat something, and it can be difficult to ignore them when your brain is screaming at you. They may be short-lived (studies have proven cravings pass within 5 to 10 minutes), but during that time, it’s very hard to stay focused on what you’re doing. Thankfully, we’ve got some tips to help you manage cravings like a champ:

Dark Chocolate

If you’re feeling the urge to eat something sweet, give in–but the healthy way! Dark chocolate is EXCELLENT for your health (it’s loaded in antioxidants, heart-smart, and so on), and it makes for a great craving-crusher. Have a single ounce of dark chocolate, and savor each bite slowly. The darker it is, the richer the flavor and the more antioxidants it will contain. Make sure you eat dark chocolate that is at least 70% cacao for maximum health benefits!


When you feel the need for a dessert, munch on prunes. Dried fruits like prunes are loaded in sugar, but they’re fairly low in calories. Prunes are actually effective at signaling your digestive tract to eliminate waste, so they will be like a bowel-friendly craving-crusher. The fiber in the prunes will get your blood sugar levels under control, helping you to stop that craving from getting out of control.


For those craving something savory, a few cups of air-popped popcorn will be the perfect treat. You get about 100 calories in three cups of air-popped popcorn, so you can eat A LOT without worrying about cheating on your diet. You can add a bit of salt, lemon juice, Valentina sauce, Sriracha hot sauce, or even Parmesan cheese to give it that rich flavor you love, and it will be the perfect diet-friendly snack to help you crush your cravings!

Greek Yoghurt

Yoghurt is a wonderful snack that will help you to manage your hunger pangs VERY effectively. The fat in yoghurt will help to temper your food cravings, and you can add a bit of cocoa powder to the yoghurt to give it that hint of sweetness you’re lusting after. Few foods can beat a craving as quickly as a portion of high-protein Greek yoghurt.

Chocolate-Dipped Frozen Fruit

If you’re an ice cream lover, this is the craving crusher for you. Frozen fruit is absolutely delicious, but dip it in chocolate and the “yum” factor is quadrupled! Make your own frozen fruit (never use store bought), using bananas, strawberries, and apples as the fruit of choice. Heat up some dark chocolate (no milk or sugar needed), and dip the fruit into the chocolate. Freeze and have on hand for any time you need something to suppress a craving!

Coconut Date Rolls

This is a healthy treat that will be your best friend when it comes to managing cravings. You get about 75 calories per roll, and two rolls should be enough to stop even the sweetest of teeth from complaining. You get more fiber than you’d get from two cups of strawberries, plus, you are eating healthy dates and coconut flakes. Yum!


Did you know that pistachios are one of the best craving crushers around? Not only are the nuts that wonderfully rich, savory taste you’ve been lusting after, but it takes time and effort to eat the nuts. You have to crack open the shells to get at the nut, and that occupies your mind. Eat a handful of pistachios and by the time you’re done, you may have forgotten all about the food you were craving in the first place!


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