Tips for Eating Before or After Exercising

There are a lot of myths surround how much should be eaten before, after and even during exercise. For example, many people don't eat at all for the day until after they exercise. For some reason, people assume that they will burn off more fat that way, since the body won't be able to draw on recent food supplies.

Some people choose to skip breakfast before their morning workouts, but for completely different reasons. For example, even some hard core athletes think that an empty stomach will actually help them work out, since their body won't be wasting energy trying to digest food and can supposedly put more energy into working out. On the other hand, casual exercisers often think they shouldn't eat before they exercise because it could cause uncomfortable stomach cramps that will cut their workouts short.

The Reality
In fact, the reality of the situation is that those people are not doing themselves any favors. The body needs energy to function properly, especially after sleeping. After all, calories are burned, even while you are resting.

On average, people go about twelve hours between having supper at night and having breakfast in the morning. In that time, the body relies on carbohydrates and fats that have been stored to fuel most of the 1,100 or so calories that it burns. That energy supply needs to be restocked. People are not kidding when they say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Although, it's important to keep your food stores balanced throughout the day, too.

So, now that you understand a bit more about food and exercise, you can be a bit more confident about your daily routines. However, it never hurts to talk to a doctor or nutritional expert. They can help you tailor a diet to your own personal exercise routine. After all, there's a big difference between taking a 15-minute walk and running a marathon. So, the relationship between food and exercise is a bit different for every person.

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