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How it Works

eDiets is a meal delivery system. A breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack for each day is delivered to your door in a stay-fresh cooler. The foods are never frozen nor are there preservatives or trans fats.

eDiets’ slogan is the “e” is for easy. Eat daily from their menu and nothing else and lose weight. They offer a number of different menu and diet options allowing subscribers to customize their diet in a number of ways including vegetarian, low-carb, and diabetic-friendly diets.

There are hundreds of success stories in the 15 year history of eDiets. The plan works by rather simply controlling the calorie-intake of their clients. If you eat what eDiets delivers you and nothing more, you can expect to lose weight, especially if combined with daily exercise. They can be a good choice for someone who needs help organizing and preparing meals and dealing with portion control.

Pricing and Options

One major knock on eDiets is that they are not very straightforward about pricing and fees. Their website is geared towards getting you on the phone with a sales representative before revealing anything about pricing.

eDiets offers 5-day and 7-day meal plans. Pricing for their meals runs from $140-$170 weekly depending on which plan and offer is subscribed to.

They also offer a recipe club subscription for $19 per month for individuals who want to cook their own meals at home.

What People Are Saying

For years, eDiets was bombarded with poor customer reviews which caused the Better Business Bureau to assign them an “F” grade. They have since had this rating rehabilitated to a “B-”.

Customers of eDiets frequently complain of receiving different meals other than the ones they ordered. Food quality is another typical complaint of eDiets; many customers report being unable to stick to the diet as a result of tasteless food. There are also numerous complaints to be found about eDiets’ customer service.

Customers who manage to stick with eDiets long-term generally report positive results. The meal plans are designed to provide 1,200 calories per day (men can subscribe to a higher calorie plan). With that low of calorie intake, weight loss is basically inevitable if their meal plan is followed for several weeks.

The Fine Print

Customers who cancel their eDiets subscription within three months are hit with a $25 cancellation fee. Subscriptions are also automatically renewed via credit card.

Their “Start Now and Get 3 Weeks Free” initiative only comes to fruition when 9 weeks of meal plans have been purchased and cannot be combined with other offers.

eDiets offers no refunds on their services.


For dieters who want to put all of the hard work (meal planning and creation, portion control) into the hands of someone else, eDiets can help. It’ll be expensive and might not always taste enjoyable, but weight loss will occur as a result.

Visit eDiets today to get started towards your weight loss goal!

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