Review of eDiets Daily Meal Delivery Service

eDiets offers a number of different diets which are all backed up by their 7-day a week meal delivery service.  You simply pick the diet that suits your needs best, and they send the food to your home or office whenever it’s meal time.

eDiets offers the standard eDiets meal delivery system, which has helped millions all across America lose weight and get in shape.  They also offer the Glycemic Impact diet, for those looking to reduce their risk of heart disease and diabetes, the Mediterranean diet plan which is based on the famous Mediterranean Heart Diet, as well as a custom diet plan set up according to your needs.

If you aren’t much of a cook, and you don’t have a lot of time in your day to find healthy, low-fat things to eat in order to maintain a diet, then this might just be the way you’re going to lose weight.

The Basics

eDiets takes the hard work out of planning and sticking to a diet by literally doing as much of it as possible for you.  They plan the diet, work out which meals you should be eating when, and even go so far as to deliver the food to your door, ready to eat!

The specific diet you choose is entirely up to you, but the eDiets website makes it easy for you to choose one that works for you, and is aligned to your weight less goals.  eDiets will then deliver your meals to your home or office when it’s time to eat, taking all the hassle of shopping for meals and cooking out of your hands.

The diets are largely based on the practice of eating healthy fats and oils instead of saturated ones, healthy whole grains instead of white bread and starches, and lots of lean meat, fruits and vegetables.

What We Like

The eDiets diets are healthy, tasty, varied and nutritionally complete, as well as being good weight loss solutions.  If you just want to lose weight, then sticking to one of these diets will definitely do the trick.  If your goal is to get fit or to lower your cholesterol, then you’ll find a diet on eDiets that is specifically tailored to helping you do this too.

The meal delivery system idea is not exactly new, but by all reports the eDiets one is efficient and not too expensive for what you get.  If you’re busy and always on the go and you find that the main thing stopping you from sticking to a diet is the time it takes to shop for and prepare healthy meals.

What We Don’t Like

In short, it’s expensive.  Obviously, having meals prepared for you and delivered to you wherever you are isn’t going to be cheap. If you can afford to pay someone to do this for you, then it’s definitely worth it.  However, if you’re already struggling to keep your food budget under control then eDiets will likely break the bank.

Their food is nutritious, healthy, low in fat and all of the good things that you should be eating – but it’s nothing you can’t figure out how to buy and make for a quarter of the price if you just do a bit of reading online.

Like we’ve already said – if paying someone to make your meals for you is going to make your life simpler and easier, and help you lose weight, by all means go for it!  If you want to save the pennies, it’s easy to just do this one yourself.

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