Tips for Increasing Energy Expenditure

Here are some tips and tricks on increasing energy expenditure and activity levels to help lose weight and fat, without having to go to the gym every day.


If you have a physical job like in the construction industry then you are off to a good start. You could try to work harder, perform more of the physical tasks by yourself rather than use a machine and do it quicker.

If you have an office job:

  • Park the car a little further from the office than usual and walk the extra distance.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator. You can even try jogging up the stairs.
  • At lunch breaks, try to spend 20 minutes eating lunch slowly and then taking a brisk walk outside for 40 minutes.
  • Instead of calling or emailing your colleague, walk over to talk with him or her – this will also help you build up your professional relationships and be seen.

Housework and Chores

Housework is a great way of spending energy because it is something that needs to be done and the feeling of having a nice clean house is also something to feel good about. Make every week cleaning a spring clean by cleaning thoroughly in hard to reach places and taking everything out and dusting off the shelves.

Cooking through preparing your own vegetables and meat, as well as making your own bread or cakes by hand instead of buying them pre-prepared is also a good way of working out. It will also make eating more enjoyable at the end of the day.

Other Tips for Energy Expenditure

Here are a few more ideas of on how to squeeze in those extra calorie and fat burning activities:

  • Instead of driving, use a bicycle or walk
  • Take up a physical hobby – this could be DIY, gardening, woodwork or a racket sport
  • If you’re watching TV, you can still ride an exercise bike in the home or use a rowing machine
  • If you go out, burn off calories by going dancing
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