Burn Fat & Tone Muscle at Home Exercises

The best exercise at home for toning muscles are those which stress the muscles directly.

The best and easiest exercise to do at home are:

  • Push ups. These can be done either against the floor, against the frame of a bed or against the floor depending on how strong you are already.
  • Stomach crunches. You can hook your feet under the bed or couch every night and do a set of 20 reps before sleeping.
  • Squat thrusts and lunges. These are good for the thighs and buttocks. You can practise these with some hand weights to make it harder.

You can use some light equipment at home to help you to train:

However, performing the same exercise each workout may prove too boring and result in a lack of motivation. A combination of many simple exercises could be the solution. Another alternative is the rowing machine, where you can exercise and watch TV at the same time.

Also some people may have different needs, an exercise to help tone and firm the muscles or an aerobic type of exercise to help burn the fat. Basically burning the fat from any area of the body requires a regular aerobic workout. One of the best exercises at home is a step workout. This is easy to set up, simple to do and does not require a lot of space. It can be done on the first step of a flight of stairs.

Why Exercise at Home?

Home workouts may be the only option for some people as they do not live near a gym or cannot afford a gym subscription. Although exercising at home can be difficult due to lack of options and equipment or no instructor there are many benefits:

  • No travel time, so more time to workout
  • Listen to own music or watch TV while exercising
  • Exercise any time at home
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