Best Exercises to Tone Your Thighs

Unfortunately for some there are more fat cells around the thighs. We cannot change the numbers of fat cells present around various areas of the body. What one must do is shrink the amount of fat within those fat cells in order to make the thighs leaner and thinner.

The best routine for slimming the thighs

  • Do squats 3 times per week on alternate days.
  • Start off very light by just using the body weight for 2-3 easy sets of 10 repetitions, then gradually build up the resistance over 3-4 weeks.

The best aerobic exercise to burn fat from around the thighs

  • Walking
  • Rowing
  • Exercises that are working the thighs and other major muscles at the same time.

The working of the thighs along with other major muscle groups helps increase the number of calories burned per minute. These exercises are best performed at an easy pace for about 20 minutes. Anaerobic exercise like squats could be done on the same day before any aerobics or done on days in between aerobic workouts.

Burn the fat from all areas or tone and firm the thighs quickly with the best thigh exercise of all. Toning the thighs will help burn some fat indirectly because the best thigh exercise helps raise the metabolism causing more calories to be burned, if regular aerobic exercise is performed as well as the best toning thigh exercise results should be seen quickly.

The best exercise for toning the thighs are squats. Some believe squats cause the thighs to become massive but if the trainer doesn’t want big thighs it wont happen. If squats are performed moderately they will tone the thighs and butt very quickly. In fact when a muscle is toned a slight growth occurs, in order to continue that growth so the thighs become very large the trainer needs to perform squats with a progressive increase in the intensity level. This is the reason why its so easy to control thigh size when using squats we just control the intensity level, this way we gain toned thighs quickly but halt progress if thigh size increases!

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