The best way to exercise for losing fat or toning depends


The best way to exercise to burn fat and tone muscle

The best way to exercise will depend on whether you want fat burning, fitness or muscle toning. The way we choose to exercise determines the results and which fuel the working cells use, for example, a more aggressive way of exercising will result in the use of carbohydrates as the main source of energy and will even stress the muscles enough to cause the toning or building up of muscle. A more gentle way of exercising means the cells can best use the slow-burning fuel – fat!

Time may also come into the equation, the best way to exercise for effective fat burning is at a low intensity for at least 30 minutes. However, for increased fitness it requires a moderate level of effort but performed for 15 minutes.

As can be seen there are different ways to exercise in order to gain various benefits. The obvious and best way to gain all exercise benefits will be to include various different ways of exercising on alternate days. A routine that challenges the body in all areas of physical fitness is the best way to gain faster progress because the human body always finds a way to adapt to the stress of repeated workouts!


* Always seek the approval of a qualified doctor or physician before starting any new exercise, all exercises stated above should be performed under the supervision of a qualified fitness instructor. Please read our Terms of use!!

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