Basics of Using a Crunch Machine

By Patricia ZelmEmmart CHHC, AADP

Getting a six-pack abdomen akin to the Calvin Klein underwear models is a goal for many women. Not only are abdominal exercises necessary to accomplish this, but also regular cardio workouts and good nutrition are also critical.

The pros and cons of crunch machines:

  • Pros
    • Using crunch machine gives your workout a change and keeps it interesting.
    • It protects your lower back while making it stronger through the abs work.
    • Make it more challenging by adding weights to the various machines.
  • Cons
    • Expensive if purchasing for your home gym.
    • Can take up a great deal of space in a home.
    • Machine can become boring with the limited movements.

The popular and traditional crunches can lead to lower back pain and neck discomfort; not good for working out. Crunches do not provide immediate results and may dishearten you.

A workout machine called the ‘Crunch Machine’ works well because it speeds up the process of creating tight, visible abdominal muscles.

The crunch machine is available online and most gyms have them as well. The designs vary, but they all target the abdominal muscles the same. The price range will vary according to the type and model.

Here are a few Crunch Machines available on the market, the price range for them and a brief description of how they are used.

  • Yukon AB Crunch Abdominal Machine
    The exercises on this machine mirrors the traditional crunches. However, this machines offers adjustable and comfortable seat cushions, along with foam covered handles. The price range is $299 to 400.

  • Body Solid GAB350 Recumbent Dual AB Bench
    Exercising with this machine will be similar to the traditional crunch workout. Lying down on your back, pulling the foam covered bar in front of you. To do the crunch you lean forward. There are adjustable seat cushion and roller bar for multiple users. The price range is $399 to 500.

  • Decline Reverse Crunch Bench

    Lay on your back with your feet down toward the floor. Hands are holding on to the top of the bench. Bend legs at the knees and curl them up to your chest, taking your hips off the bench. As you increase the angle of the bench, it will increase how challenging the exercises are. The price range is $100 to 200.

    Have a look here:

    Universal Decline Bench

    Cap Barbell Fitness FID Bench

Benefits of Strong Abs

In addition to gaining a tight tummy worthy of the beach, decreasing stomach fat also decreases health issues.

  1. Fewer lower back pain.
  2. Improved digestion.
  3. Improved performance in many sports.
  4. Increased metabolism, even during resting time.
  5. Improved posture; by standing straight you will have less back pain.
  6. Fewer injuries throughout your whole body.
  7. Strong abs before pregnancy will mean getting back into shape faster after the birth.
  8. Fewer health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and high blood pressure.

Note: Remember exercise alone will not always give you the weight loss and body image you desire. Healthy eating of fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts, and good meats will put you on the path to a flatter stomach.

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