Losing Weight with a Rowing Machine

The rowing machine is another exercise equipment ideal for losing weight. Rowing machines have great calorie burning potential because they exercise larger muscle groups of both the upper and lower body regions. The help tone the thighs and buttocks, firm up the arms and all the back muscles together. Another positive point about the rowing machine is the ability for the user to create a rhythmic style while exercising. This technique really helps the body "switch" into that and after about 10 minutes of rowing you can rest assured your body is burning fat constantly to help you lose fat weight effectively.

Benefits of rowing for losing weight

Because rowing machines can benefit with burning lots of calories it means less workout time is needed for every session than say using an stationary exercise bike to lose weight, which only tends to exercise the lower regions over a shorter range of motion. This will save the dieter valuable time rather than exercising on a stationary bike for 40 minutes you should be able to comfortably burn the same number of calories with rowing for about 25 minutes, although remember the number of calories burned really depends on how a person exercises as well as their body make up. A rowing machine has many benefits over many other exercise equipment and I personally believe it is one of the best exercises for losing weight!

Negative sides of using a rowing machine for losing weight

Choosing a rowing machine

With so many different rowing machines available on the market it can be a challenging to find the best rower to suit individual budgets and requirements. There are some rowing machines that come with various difficulty settings which allows you to train that little harder if you want to go for fitness gains. Many modern rowers also have digital displays that can show heart rate, estimation of calories burned and the distance travelled. Some can be folded away for easy storage however the more features often equals a greater price. Decide what you want to get from your workouts before choosing a rowing machine for losing weight. Remember that using a rower alone wont be the only way to lose weight, it may be best to use various forms of exercise to maintain motivation levels and keep up weight loss progress.

5 Responses to Losing Weight with a Rowing Machine

  1. Dragonballzrandy@aol.com says:

    Thanks for the helpful tips on the rowing machine. I been working out and doing my abs 3 times a week for a month now and I don't see anything helping me losing any weight in my belly. If I do the rowing machine and my abs will I see the results in a month? I don't want feel like I'm working out for nothen. If you could help me please send me an email thanks Randy

    • webguide says:

      Hi Randy,

      Thank you for your question.

      Have you changed your diet?
      What are your eating habits?


      • Dragonballzrandy@aol.com says:

        Well I'm not sure what to eat with me weight lifting. I don't eat any candy no soda I eat 2 meals lunch and dinner I have a protein drink in the morning I have 3 snacks a day protein bars and apples I drink lots of water a day. All heathy foods. If I'm doing anything wrong please let me know I want stay on the right track thanks again. Randy

  2. Karen says:

    If calories in = calories out then you wont lose weight. It doesnt make any difference if your diet is made of healthy food, if you eat too much you will still put on weight.
    You need to work out your daily calorie requirements including calories expended from exercise. Then eat foods which have a total number of calories which is less than your daily calories requirements.
    Eg if your basic metabolic rate is 1800 cals and you do 400 calories of exercise, then if you eat 1800 cals you would lose weight at the rate of 400 cals/day (1 lb every 9 days).
    So by reducing your food and increasing your exercise, you can see from very simple arithmetic how to create weight loss. It's really as simple as that, no mystery.

  3. Sean says:

    How long should i be doing it for per day on a rowing machine.

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