Losing weight with aerobic stepper machine


Benefits of using an exercise aerobic stepper to lose weight

An aerobic stepper machine is one simple way to burn extra calories to help lose weight. They are simple to use and fairly cheap to buy. These can be used in the comfort of own home while listening to favorite music or watching TV.

With so many exercise equipment available for the dieter to lose weight it can be a hard choice to decide which equipment would be best to buy. So what are the benefits of using an aerobic stepper to lose weight:



Benefits aerobic stepping

  • home use

  • very easy to do

  • ideal if bad weather means no other activities available

  • watch TV during a workout

  • Helps tone legs

Negative side to using aerobic steppers for weight loss

  • only tends to work legs and buttocks

  • not good at burning lots of calories

  • may become very boring after a few workouts

  • less chance of boosting overall metabolism rate

  • injury potential


I believe an aerobic stepper is not the best equipment to use to help lose weight. There are far more exercises which would help burn greater amount of fat than an aerobic stepping machine. Exercises such as rowing and walking may be best to start if you’re on a budget. A rower would cost a lot more but these are one of the best ways to burn lots of calories and lose fat weight.


To save the cost of buying an aerobic stepper machine I use the bottom of a flight of stairs at home. As long as the step is secure and between 6-8 inches high, and you workout at a comfortable, easy pace it then this can be just as good as forking out for an aerobic stepping machine.


Even though an aerobic stepper wont burn the most calories it’s possible to boost its calorie-burning potential and make the aerobic stepper more effective for burning calories. I introduce arm movements at the same time as stepping, although it’s important to make sure the arm movements are done in a similar rhythm to the leg movements in order to maintain good balance.




* Always seek the approval of a qualified doctor before starting any new exercise, all exercises should be performed under the supervision of a qualified instructor. Please read our Terms of use!





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