The Benefits of Shorter Workouts

The duration of your workout session is not as nearly as important as the physical and mental benefits that you gain from exercising. We all area aware of how much we benefit mentally and physically from a great workout, regardless of the length. However, we may not always have the time or motivation to get to the gym, or any other physical activity, or if we do, it would be short. Is that short workout work it? Let’s find out.

The Benefits

According to international health professionals, longer training may not be necessarily better. There is benefit to short training sessions throughout the day. This don’t mean a “5 minute power workout” but a 25-35 minute session, 3 times a day. This can be something as simple as a walk, stretching or yoga, or an ab/core workout or isolation weight training. Some possible health benefits include:

  • An increase in metabolic rates
  • Assist in maintaining weight levels
  • Help stabilize insulin levels throughout the day
  • Increase blood flood providing more oxygen and nutrients
  • Sustain strong bones, ligaments and tendons,
  • Reduce the development of heart disease, hypertension and lower stress
  • According to the American Journal of Sports Medicine, more fat and triglycerides will be efficiently metabolized by taking a short walk after meals instead of engaging in long exercise sessions
  • Exercise sessions of short duration are excellent for reducing high blood pressure
  • Exercise bouts as short as 6 minutes in length have been shown to increase overall health levels as well as sessions of 30 minutes or more in sedentary adults
  • Engaging in short bursts of physical activity helps smokers resist and reduce tobacco cravings

That is quite the list of benefits for shorter training sessions! The down side, in our busy daily lives, not all of us have several free 30 minute sessions to train. That being said, there are opportunities out there: walking/biking to work; after dinner walks; morning yoga classes; etc. Also, and a lot of gyms do offer morning, afternoon and evening classes starting from 30 minutes. Instead of spending your lunch break at a restaurant, find a yoga class. You’ll see how much more energy you will have in the afternoon, as well as how much easier it is to work while relaxed.

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