Fat Burning Foods: What you need to know

If you’ve ever watched one of those paid programs on early in the morning, then you’ve probably seen a few so-called “miracle” diets which promise to transform your body into a fat-burning machine simply by making a few dietary changes. Well, when it’s put in that context, it really is too good to be true.

If we could simply lose weight from munching out, then diets wouldn’t even exist and those among us with the biggest appetites would be the fittest if only we exercised a few better choices.

Truth about Burning Off Fat

Realistically, it takes a lot of work to burn off fat and to become fit if you’re a heavier person. But the idea of fat-burning foods is not a myth. There are quite a few food choices out there that will boost your metabolism and interact within your body in other ways to help promote fat burning.

Foods alone are never enough, obviously, but knowing that there are some fat-burning choices on the menus is a big relief for those of us who need to lose weight but still enjoy eating food.

Foods That Help You Burn Fat

  • Foods Rich in Vitamin C: Citrus fruits—lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruits, etc—and bell peppers are loaded down with vitamin C and can be considered fat-burning foods. Not only are these foods high in fiber, meaning they’re great for you and will also make you feel fuller faster and for longer, but vitamin C also helps the body to process fats at a faster pace, plus it stimulates some amino acids which boost the body’s natural fat-burning abilities. As a bonus – most foods rich in vitamin C taste great.
  • Chilies Most can immediately recognize hot peppers as mouth-burning foods, but not everyone knows that they’re also natural fat-burning foods as well. Due to the capsaicin contained within the peppers, the substance that comes across to us as heat, chilies will react well with your body, causing it to heat up and thus revving your metabolism up. Of course, people aren’t going to start eating hot peppers by the dozens for a meal, but including them in your menu is a smart move.

Foods Rich in Calcium

Depending on your diet, you might be steering clear of milks, cheeses, yogurts, etc. But as long as you can get them in low-fat varieties, then you should be including calcium-rich foods in your diet. Calcium helps the body to break down fat on a cellular level, and like with the citrus foods, most foods rich with calcium taste really good, plus they can be easily incorporated into nearly every type of dietary plan.

  • Nuts and Seeds: The great thing about nuts and seeds is that they’re absolutely packed with vitamins and nutrients. They’re very healthy for you, very high in fiber, and will help you to feel fuller for longer. A handful of nuts truly go a long way, and they can help to burn fat by simply helping you to eat fewer calories.
  • Green Tea: This is one of those items that may not be considered as a “food” by many. But green tea is a great fat-burner. You don’t have to only drink it, either. A great way to incorporate more green tea into your diet is to rub down lean meats with it and use a smoking method to cook them. You’ll get a lot of flavor and experience the health benefits of green tea, which include helping to boost your body’s metabolism and thus creating a furnace-like effect that will burn off more fat.

  • Foods High in Protein: Protein is obviously great for your muscle growth and will not be used as your body for fat. It’s also great filler that, like fiber, will help you feel fuller for longer, and it takes your body more energy to digest protein which means you’re expending more energy per calorie here. Any food high in protein is a good choice.

There are many fat-burning foods out there. It is important to remember, however, that a food item alone will not cause you to lose weight. Losing weight starts with a balanced diet and a healthy, active lifestyle; fat-burning foods will simply help to supplement your efforts and improve results if you are doing things correctly.


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