The Fat Content of Fish

Many people wonder how much faty fish is, and the truth is that fish is one of the fattiest foods around. If you've ever bit into a piece of salmon or opened a can of sardines, you can almost taste the oil with every bite.

But, surprisingly, fish oil is actually good for you! The oils in fish will offer a wide range of health benefits that the fat in meat, chicken, and eggs just can't.

Here's what you need to know about the fat content of your favorite fish:

White Fish (100g or 3 1/2oz)CaloriesTotal FatSaturated FatUnsaturated FatProteins
Bass (cooked with dry heat)12530,61,822,7
Bloater (grilled)1901,8---
Catfish Channel and Farmed (cooked with dry heat)1357,61,45,515,6
Cod fillets (steamed)82,100017,8
Cod fillets (baked)96,41,1--21,1
Coley (steamed)103,61,1--22,8
Eel jellied96,47,1--7,8
Flounder (raw)1191,80.6-25
Flatfish (cooked with dry heat)1171,50,40,9
Haddock fillets (raw)78,600017,8
Haddock fillets (in Breadcrumbs)203,68,9--12,8
Halibut (raw)28,61,1--21,1
Halibut (cooked)140,22,90,41,926,7
Lemon Sole (raw)81,81--17
Lobster (boiled)103,61,1--22,1
Monked fish (cooked with dry heat)96,520-19,2
Mullet (cooked with dry heat)150,54,81,42,424,8
Perch (cooked with dry heat)117,41,10,220,624,8
Pike (cooked with dry heat)119,31,50,3124,5
Plaice (fried)25716--15
Pollock (cooked with dry heat)1181,20,20,724,9
Skate (grilled)7800017,8
Sturgeon (cooked with dry heat)135,25,21,23,420,7
Sturgeon (smoked)172,94,31,12,831,2
Whiting (raw)7200016

Oily Fish (100g or 3 1/2oz)CaloriesTotal FatSaturated FatUnsaturated FatProteins
Shark (fried)22813,83,29,518,6
Anchovies (in olive oil )178,611,20017,9
Herring (cooked with dry heat)202,811,62,67,523
Kippers (smoked)203,714,81,85-20,4
Mackerel fillet (cooked with dry heat)262,517,84,211,423,9
Pilchards (in brine)1487--20
Pilchards (in tomato sauce)1136--16
Salmon, farmed (cooked with dry heat)206,212,44,28,922,1
Sardines (in olive oil)20811,21,6-24,8
Sardines (in tomato sauce)169,59,43,8-15,1
Trout, farmed (cooked with dry heat)1697,22,14,524,22
Tuna (canned in water)12730,81,923,6

Quite a bit of fat in some cases, right?

Interestingly enough, the fat in fish is not as harmful as the saturated fat in red meat. This is because the fish fat is made up of Omega-3s, a form of fatty acids that offers A LOT of health benefits:

As you can see, there is a bit of fat in fish, but all that fat is actually EXCELLENT for your health. It's recommended that you eat fish at least three or four times per week, preferably salmon, tuna, mackerel, or sardines. Those are the fish with the highest fatty acid content, which means more Omega-3s to benefit your body.

By eating fish, you'll do your body a BIG favor. You'll improve the health of your heart, digestive system, joints, brain, and every other organ in your body, leading to increased overall health and wellbeing. All thanks to the fat in fish!


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