8 Bodybuilding Technical Mistakes You May be Making

Weight training is obviously not only for bodybuilders in this day and age. As the fitness world comes around and begins to realize that lifting weights is just as beneficial—if not more—for your overall health as any cardio routine, more and more people are literally hitting the weights in order to stay in shape.

Of course, all exercise has its risks. Depending on your health, a simple jog around the block could end badly. But when it comes to bodybuilding, there’s a long laundry list of potential problems and complications you can run into.

From actual muscle loss and tears to broken bones and even death, working with weights can be very dangerous. In order to stay safe, you must practice proper technique and realize the correct way to exercise.

To help educate people on the proper way to work with weights, we will go over 8 of the most common weight-lifting mistakes people make.

8 Common and Avoidable Weight-Lifting Mistakes

    1: Low-Intensity Training 

    This is one of the lighter mistakes in weight training. It doesn’t physically hurt you; it’s more that it doesn’t physically help you. Working out with light weights and never increasing and pushing your muscles to grow is a big mistake that will result in wasted energy.

    2: Wrong Workouts

    Another mistake on the lighter end of the spectrum, some people tackle weight lifting wrong and up with no results. Pay attention to the muscles you wish to work and understand that there are set exercises for each group. Going heavy on arm curls and wondering why your pecs aren’t larger is surprisingly common.

    3: High-Intensity Training

    Upping the ante in the danger zone, going too hard with any workout is a recipe for disaster. It is very common for some to push themselves to the limit, training for hours a day. This gives the muscles no time to properly heal and can wreak havoc on your body.

    4: Wrong Training Form

    There is a proper technique with every workout. If you attempt a squat or a deadlift incorrectly, you could be looking at injuries ranging from pulled muscles and torn ligaments to broken bones and worse.

    5: No Assistance

    You may be strong, but if you are training with weights, it is always best to have someone with you – especially when using free weights. If working a bench press, for example, and the bar falls on your chest or neck, you could easily panic or run out of physical strength and suffer serious injury or death.

    6: Wrong Diet

    Not eating properly will not only leave your muscles the same size, but it will also cause you to lose energy during workouts. Stay away from the junk food and aim for foods high in protein, making sure you get your nutrients like sodium and potassium as well.

    7: Ignoring the Body’s Warming System

    The human body is an amazing thing. It lets you know when it’s in danger. If your body is sending out warning signals, like intense pain, burning or shaking of the muscles, this is when to stop. Experts claim they want you to “feel the burn,” but remember that this “burn” shouldn’t actually hurt.

    8: Rushing Results

    Weight training every day is dangerous. And flying through reps and sets in order to ring up high numbers is just counterproductive. Workouts should be slow and steady, and you should receive ample rest after working out.

These common mistakes plague almost everyone at one time or another. But in order to work out efficiently and experience the best results, you should take care to avoid all the mistakes on this list.

There are risks associated with every type of exercise; weight lifting just happens to present a few more. So always exercise with caution.

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