Fat Loss Myths and Facts


Myth: HIIT Exercise is the Best for Fat Loss

Fact: While High Intensity Interval Exercise is good for fat burning, it’s probably not the best. It’s very hard on the body, and not everyone can handle the high-speed, high-intensity exercise. It can lead to serious injuries if not done right, and it’s not for everyone. It will require a lot more than just 10 minutes per day if you’re serious about seeing results – despite what the HIIT lovers claim.

Myth: Fat Burning Is the Same as Weight Loss

Fact: Yes and no. When you start out with your weight loss, usually you’re burning water weight instead of fat cells. Even once you start burning fat, you’re only burning the fat near the surface of the adipose tissue. Serious fat burning takes much longer, and it requires a lot more effort because fat is stored deep in the adipose tissue. Just remember: your body always burns glucose first, and then moves on to fat once it runs out of blood sugar. Do enough exercise to push through the glucose and get to the fat burning.

Myth: Steady State Low Intensity Cardio is Best for Fat Loss

Fact: Low intensity exercise is much easier to sustain, but you will need to do it for much longer if you are going to see the fat burning results you want. Remember that your body burns through glucose first, and it takes much longer to burn through glucose at lower intensities. You’ll have to run, jog, walk, or cycle for at least 45 to 60 minutes to burn serious fat.

Myth: Weight Training Isn’t Necessary for Fat Burning

Fact: If you’re spending all of your time on the stationary bicycle and treadmill, you’re missing out on what lifting weights can do. Weightlifting burns through the glucose in your body, using it up and promoting fat burning once you hit the treadmill. Your muscles can’t use fat, so they’ll tire once they’ve burned through all of your glucose. Hit the weights first, and end your workout with 30 minutes of fat-burning treadmill time!

Myth: Always Exercise First Thing in the Morning

Fact: For many people, first thing in the morning is the right time to do it. They’re energized and ready to get in their workout, and it’s easy for them to get in shape. However, for others, the morning is the time they need to spend preparing for the day, as well as eating a hearty breakfast. Remember that working out on an empty stomach can cause some people to overeat after the workout. Find the best time of day for you to work out, and stick with it!

Myth: Being Fat is the Fault of Your Genes

Fact: While there are many genetic factors that play a role in your obesity, it isn’t the only thing to blame. The truth is that very few people can actually blame their obesity on genetic or health problems – for the rest of the world, it’s just improper lifestyle, poor diet, and a lack of exercise. If you want to lose weight, stop blaming your “fat genes” passed down to you by your parents. These genes may make weight loss harder, but it won’t stop you from shedding those pounds if you work hard at it.


Don’t let the myths above stop you from losing weight the healthy way. You’ll find that getting in shape takes time, so be ready to work hard to shed those pounds of fat and get the body you want. Your efforts will pay off if you put in the time!

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