Five Foods that Suppress Hunger Naturally

Dieting is not only hard but confusing. With new diet trends coming out almost everyday, diet pills with names you can hardly pronounce, and scary surgeries, it sometimes seems that losing weight is impossible.

But losing weight is possible through healthy, nutritional food and exercise. Your diet plays a large part in losing weight, especially when it comes to losing weight in a healthy way.

An important part of losing weight comes from portion control and reducing over-eating.  This can be hard, especially in the afternoon when your energy levels are low and that candy bar looks mighty tempting, but at over 200 calories, it’s not worth it. Instead, try healthy appetite suppressing foods that are low in calories and high in nutrients. We’ve listed five great foods that are perfect for in between meals to help with portion control and to contain your appetite.

  • Apples

    An apple a day might really keep the doctor away, but it has another amazing ability – it keeps the hunger at bay. When you’re feeling hungry, don’t drive through that burger shack and get the #5 with a large coke. Instead, eat a medium-sized apple. 1 medium apple contains only 70 calories, and it has a lot of fiber in it.
    The pectin in an apple will also slow down the rate of which your stomach empties, meaning you will be full and satisfied for longer.

  • Oatmeal

    Like all foods with fiber, oatmeal will definitely leave you feeling fuller for a longer period of time. It’s also a complex carb, meaning that it takes a lot longer for your body to break down, which stabilizes your insulin levels.

  • Pine Nuts

    Pine nuts not only taste great, but they’re also packed full of polyunsaturated fats. These fats naturally aide in the secretion of hormones, which help to suppress hunger.

  • Eggs

    They are extremely low in calories. While the whole egg has many nutritional benefits, try a breakfast of egg whites, which have less fat, cholesterol, and calories.  The protein in eggs helps your body to release a peptide called PYY, which naturally helps suppress hunger.

  • Almonds

    Eating almonds is a great way to suppress your hunger. Almonds are high in monounsaturated fats, which are considered “good fats.” They’re also very high in fiber and protein, which will help you stay full. Almonds take longer to break down due to their protein content.

Try to incorporate these five foods in daily.  Both pine nuts and almonds are great afternoon snack, oatmeal and eggs contribute to a hearty breakfast, and apples can be added to fresh fruit salad for desert.

A few other appetite suppression methods we suggest are:

  • Eating more fiber and protein- both can help you stay full for longer periods
  • Eat smaller meals more frequently- 4-6 instead of the usually 3
  • Drink water with every meal- read about the benefits of water here
  • Eat breakfast- starting your day off right will keep you from frantically snacking in the break room between meetings

These natural, healthy foods and tips are a great way to start you on your path to losing weight. Dieting doesn’t have to be confusing or filled with unnatural, chemical substances. Instead, look at the produce aisle in your local grocery store; you’ll be surprised at how many amazing foods are out there to help kick start you new diet.


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