How to Get a Flat Stomach

Many dieters find it difficult to flatten the stomach. Some who can't flatten the belly quickly often end up buying all the latest tummy flattening devices in the hope that one will eventually trim the stomach muscles quicker. Its not the best or latest equipment that will give us a trim stomach, it is achieved by using a little grit and determination. A flat stomach cannot be achieved using exercise alone, it also requires an effective change in eating habits.

Tips to help flatten stomach by toning the belly muscles.

Burning the fat from the stomach and achieving a toned belly are totally different goals that require different approaches. A healthy diet, slightly lower in calories than the body requires will help burn fat from all over the body including the flat stomach area. Food intake should only reduce calories a little at a time over the course of many months. This allows the body to develop into a fat burning mode and reduce fat around the stomach gradually. Reducing calories too much only causes a weight loss plateau which results in a lowered metabolism and even possibly a gain in weight!

Aerobic exercise also helps burn fat from fat cells directly including the stomach. However, effective fat burning requires you to stick to the lower end of the target heart rate.

Flattening the stomach is not an easy task, it requires the correct approach and attitude which should last until stomach muscles are visible!

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  1. I also would like to add that one thing that you should never do to get a flat to starve yourself. Eating small meals all day long will help you burn fat over your entire body and especially your stomach. Your stomach has stretched so much because of all of the large meals that you have been eating.

    It takes time to get used to eating this way...if you are used to eating alot. This is something that you must do to get a flat stomach.

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