7 Factors Affecting the Food Intake

Maintaining a healthy appetite for food and attitude towards food is essential for any weight loss program. Eating too little food can cause the body’s functions to slow down in order to conserve energy, making it hard to lose weight. Eating too much means the body stores more calories than it consumes leading to weight gain.

Moreover, it is important to eat when feeling physically hungry and to enjoy food rather than feel that it is a guilty pleasure.

Factors Affecting Appetite

There are many physiological and psychological mechanisms affecting our daily patterns in consumption of food. Appetite is co-ordinated through the interaction of various complex systems within the body involving the gut and the brain. Genetic factors and the environment also have a role to play in food intake1 . Here are a few examples of how appetite is affected:

1 Wellcome Trust : The anatomy of appetite

One Response to 7 Factors Affecting the Food Intake

  1. Ellen says:

    And do not forget the role of subtle cues in the environment (e.g. portion size) that cause people to overindulge...

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