Knowing Which Foods Make You Sick

Every individual human being has a completely unique biochemical makeup. Likewise, every food source is unique.

Certain biochemical combinations between humans and the foods they eat can cause headaches, migraines, aches and other ailments to be experienced.

With the extreme prevalence of fast foods, processed foods, prepared foods and other high-fat, non-nutritious foods today, it's no wonder that more and more of these maladies are being experienced by millions of people around the planet.

A list of the most common foods which are known to cause temporary health disorders:

These are just a few of the foods out there that can cause sickness in people. As an individual, you should be aware of the effect certain types of foods have on your body.

So how do I avoid these foods that cause sickness?

Sometimes, even the healthiest foods can cause a person to feel poorly. However, that is not normally the case. For instance, you will not often hear an individual talking about how sickly they feel because they ate an apple or how their head is about to explode because of that stalk of celery. Still, certain people will experience health disorders from foods that seem very healthy. It's just a matter of your personal biochemistry reacting with those chemicals in given food sources.

So what you need to do, besides engaging a holistically healthy, water-rich food intake program, is to pay attention. Observe how given foods tend to make you feel. Observe if there is a repetitive cycle associated with certain food types. And then, simply eliminate those foods from your diet.

Since we eat several foods together in most instances, many times, it is difficult to isolate which food may have caused you to feel poorly. Experimentation is the key and nobody will ever be able to tell you the answers except for yourself.

Base your food intake program on food sources provided to you from nature such as whole grains, vegetables, fruits and loads of fresh water. Most likely, that will take care of it. If you choose to eat other food sources, especially those which are so prevalent in our "advanced" societies today, then you will simply need to pay close attention to the way that those foods make you feel.



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