The Best Natural, Unprocessed Foods for a Healthier Diet




Natural Food Sources to make up Healthy Diet


It may seen like there’s not much foods to choose from when attempting to eat a healthier diet. Some people believe a healthy diet is boring and tasteless, in fact there are hundreds of natural, unprocessed¬† foods to make up a daily diet. Below is a large list of different foods available listed in basic food categories.



Protein Foods Grains (carbs) Foods Vegetables Fruits
Chicken Barley Asparagus Apples
Turkey Oats Broccoli Apricots
Eggs Rye Brussels Sprouts Bananas
Beef Corn Cabbage Berries
Game Buckwheat Carrots Cherries
Ham Millet Cauliflower Currents/Raisins
Pork Wholewheat Celery Dates/figs & Prunes
Veal Wheatgerm Beetroot Grapefruit
Liver Couscous Fennel Grapes
Kidneys Bulgar Wheat Green / Broad Beans Guavas
Lamb Breads Kale Kiwi Fruit
Steaks Quinoa Lettuce Lemon
Shellfish Porridge Mushrooms Lime
Tuna Granola Onion Lychees
Seafoods Muesli Courgettes Mango
Mackerel Oatbran Radish Melon
Cod Maize Beans Nectarine
Halibut Rice Peas Oranges
Salmon Crispbreads Lentils Passion Fruit
Herring Noodles Leek Peaches
Sardines Soba Parsnips Pears
Mullet Pasta wholewheat Potatoes Pineapple
Milk Spelt Rocket Plums
Cheese Polenta Mange Tout Pomegranates
Yoghurt Triticale Radicchio Prickly Pears
Nuts Gram Flour Turnip Quince
Seeds Wholemeal Crackers Spinach Rhubarb
Soya Cornbread Swiss Chard Tomatoes
Oat Cakes Watercress Watermelon







* Always seek approval from a qualified dietician before introducing new foods or starting any new diet. Please read our Terms of use first!

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