Food moderation better than good food choices for weight control?

Is it okay to ingest some mercury as long as you moderate it? How about arsenic? Even though you may live through it, it is not alright. It will never be what is healthy for you in any amount, right?

The same applies to trans fats, saturated fats, LDL cholesterol, monosodium glutamate (MSG) and many other constituents of the foods that humans eat by the boatloads (literally) every day.

Our bodies have not changed on a genetic level for many thousands of years. Our diets have dramatically changed in the last 100 years. Human health is failing specifically because of the foods that we eat. Moderation is certainly not okay when it comes to certain food sources, if you are expecting to stay in optimum health.

Maximize health and longevity with these dietary tips:

  • Kick fast food restaurants out of your life for good;
  • Start taking the time to plan and prepare healthy meals at home;
  • Throw your salt shakers away – after you break them;
  • Focus your food intake program on foods with no labels like vegetables, fruits, beans and whole-grain products;
  • Flush and replenish your body daily with fresh water;

It is best to stop trying to find ways to include all of these “convenient” foods in your diet. Illness and disease isn’t really convenient at all. What is good for the human body is the same as what has always been good for it: the foods that nature provides for us, and water.

Water is the single-most beneficial substance to your body. Add in some daily physical activity and you have the perfect recipe for the avoidance of malady and increased vitality. Your body will rapidly begin to look, feel and think far better.

The Importance of organic food Choices

Begin today to be attentive to the foods that you put into your body – in any amount. Everything that you eat has to be broken down and assimilated by your systems. When you put unhealthy foods in, they must be dealt with – and that causes your body to be burdened and to grow unhealthy over time. All-natural, organic choices are the way to go. Remember that you truly are what you eat.

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