Foods Rich in Vitamin A

Vitamin A is an amazing nutrient, one that your body needs in order to function properly! Vitamin A is vital for your eye health, as it reduces the risk of cellular degeneration. It also keeps your hair, skin, nails, and teeth healthy, and is needed for the function of your inner organs. Without Vitamin A, your body would begin to fall apart!

So how can you get more Vitamin A in your diet? Here are a few of the best foods rich in Vitamin A to eat regularly:

Carrots — When it comes to foods rich in Vitamin A, nothing can beat carrots! Carrots contain more Vitamin A per serving than almost any other food, and the Vitamin A in the crunchy orange veggies are incredibly easy for your body to process. The best way to get the maximum amount of Vitamin A from carrots is to steam them–don’t forget to use the water to make a soup!

Sweet Potatoes — Oddly enough, sweet potatoes are the only vegetable that contain more Vitamin A per serving than carrots. A single cooked sweet potato contains over 500% of the Vitamin A that your body needs every day, making it one of the best foods to eat if you are trying to get more of this important vitamin in your diet.

Kale — Like all dark, leafy greens, kale is an amazing source of vitamins and nutrients. A single cup of chopped kale contains 350% of the Vitamin A you need, so it’s definitely a good idea to add more kale to your diet. Kale is also packed with calcium, Vitamin C, folic acid, and a host of other nutrients.

Dark Greens — There are so many dark, leafy greens you can eat in order to get more Vitamin A in your diet. Chard, spinach, collard greens, turnip greens, dandelion greens, and beet greens are all rich in the vitamin, with anywhere from 200 to 350% of your Vitamin A DV in each serving of these veggies. Definitely worth adding to your menu!

Romaine Lettuce — While iceberg lettuce may not have much nutritional value, Romaine lettuce is one of the best vegetables you can eat. The darker leaves are rich in nutrients, including Vitamin A–with 174% of your DV of Vitamin A in 100 grams of lettuce. The red-leaf Romaine and Cos lettuce are the best sources of this nutrient, so make sure your salads include plenty of lettuce!

Butternut Squash — You shouldn’t try to eat butternut squash raw, but you’ll find that there’s more Vitamin A available when you cook it! A single cup of squash will contain roughly 450% of the Vitamin A you need every day, so every bite is amazing for your health.

Apricots — Apricots are colored orange, which means that they contain beta-carotenes, the antioxidant that makes all orange foods good for your health! Just one cup of dried apricots will deliver 300% of your Vitamin A DV. If you’re wondering which dried fruit was the best for your health, now you know why apricot is at the head of the list!

Cantaloupe — It may surprise you to learn that melon is rich in Vitamin A, but look at the color of the flesh. The fact that it’s orange is all you need to realize that it’s a source of this vitamin. A single cup of cubed melon contains 108% of your Vitamin A DV, making melon an excellent fruit to consume for a healthier you. As a bonus, it’s also fairly low in calories and sugar and high in fiber!


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