Foods Rich in Vitamin K

We've all heard of the eye-boosting Vitamin A, immune-boosting Vitamin C, and the heart-smart Vitamin E. Heck, we've even heard of the B vitamins, though we might not be quite sure what they do. But Vitamin K is one few people have heard of. Despite that, it's actually one of the most important of the vitamins!

Vitamin K does A LOT of things for the human body:

The good thing about Vitamin K is that it's found in A LOT of different foods. The fat-soluble vitamin is easy to absorb, though you need to make sure to get a lot of healthy fat along with it.

What are the best sources of Vitamin K? Dark, leafy greens definitely top the list, along with yogurt and other dairy products. Below, check out our complete list of the foods rich in Vitamin K


Serving Size

Vitamin K (%)

Fresh Parsley 2 tbsps 153.9
Kale (boiled) 1 cup 1327.6
Spinach (boiled) 1 cup 1110.6
Turnip Greens (boiled) 1 cup 661.7
Swiss Chard (boiled) 1 cup 716
Collard Greens (boiled) 1 cup 880
Romaine Lettuce 2 cups 143.5
Brussel Sprouts (boiled) 1 cup 273.5
Broccoli (steamed) 1 cup 194
Cabbage (boiled) 1 cup 91.7
Asparagus (boiled) 1 cup 114.8
Celery (raw) 1 cup 44.1
Green Beans (boiled) 1 cup 25
Cauliflower (boiled) 1 cup 14
Green Peas (boiled) 1 cup 51.8
Soybeans (cooked) 1 cup 41.3
Pumpkin Seeds .25 cup 22.2
2% Milk 1 cup 12.2
Kidney Beans 1 cup 18.6

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Most of Vitamin K is produced by bacteria in the large intestine; however, it’s always good to eat a diet rich in Vitamin K. Green vegetables are your best source for Vitamin K. Try Brussels sprouts, spinach, kale, or Swiss chard. These vegetables are packed with Vitamin K and other nutritional vitamins to make sure you’re getting the maximum benefits that nature has to offer.

How much Vitamin K do you need every day?

Thankfully, it's fairly easy to get this amount of Vitamin K! All you have to do is add more of the Vitamin K-rich foods listed above, and you've got all you need for a healthy body.


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