Foods Rich in Iodine

Iodine is unique among all the minerals as it is an essential ingredient in hormones. It acts on the hormones of the thyroid gland, which control the body's activity rate, growth, development and the healthiness of skin and hair. It can also prevent from headaches.

Foods Rich in Iodine

FoodµgPortion size
Condensed Milk19100
Cheese Cake24100
Yorkshire Pudding26100
Naan Bread28100
Malt Bread29100
Jaffa Cakes32+100
Cheddar Cheese42100
Seafoodaround 200100
Most Fresh Fisharound 200100
Haddock, fresh243100
Sea Salt2000100
Sea Kelp2500100
Iodized Salt3000100

The RNI for Iodine for healthy adults is a intake of 140ug daily.

Iodine's role is confined to producing the hormone thyroxine. About two-thirds of the body's iodine is in the thyroid gland, while the remainder is in the hormone itself. If there is too much thyroxine the body's activity rate - its basal metabolism - speeds up; if there is too little, the body's activity rate slows down. If we do not get enough iodine in our diet, the thyroid gland becomes swollen and the swelling appears just below the jaw. The enlargement of the gland is called goitre, and is common in areas where the soil is iodine-deficient.

Effects if you don't get enough Iodine

A deficiency of iodine will lead to goitre; this is the condition tends to appear during puberty or pregnancy. People with goitre become lethargic and sensitive to cold; they tend to gain weight and their skin becomes coarse. When there are inadequate thyroxine levels, a condition called hypothyroidism occurs. Symptoms here are puffiness around the eyes, sparse and course hair, course and dry skin and memory.

Need of the mineral Iodine?

Everyone needs iodine to produce thyroxine, but the signs of deficiency are easy to spot and treatment can be given. Those more at risk are women at puberty, pregnant women and children. There has been a suggestion that women in low iodine areas, are more prone to womb cancer. Some foods contain excessive levels of the minerals manganese and cobalt which interfere with the thyroid gland, extracting iodine. If you are in the habit of eating large amounts of raw cabbage you must ensure you are also getting sufficient iodine.

Some dieters believe that they struggle with their body weight because of an under active thyroid gland, this is possible, in most cases it has been found that they were simply ingesting too many calories and not active enough!

5 Responses to Foods Rich in Iodine

  1. Ruth black says:

    which fruits are to be avoided if you suffer from an under active thyroid ! And where can you buy unfluoridated water from ? Thankyou

  2. Lyong says:

    Wud like to know what food/.fruits is rich in iodine.
    What is unfluoridated water? thks

    • Anne says:

      For produce (fruits and veggies) to have iodine in them, they must be raised in a iodine rich soil.

      As for the second question. Some communities add fluoride to the drinking water. Unfluoridated water would be free of fluoride. Fluoride, while used to help prevent tooth decay, may have negative effects on health when consumed beyond brushing your teeth. There is a reason why they say "don't swallow your toothpaste".

  3. Barbara says:

    I would like a list of foods to eat dealing with hypothyroidism. I have a doctor who prescribed Natur-throid, 2.5 tablets daily. I am having NO LUCK losing 35 pounds that I gained after finishing chemotherapy for breast cancer. I have changed my diet to their list of vegetables and fruits, no meats, no dairy, no gluten, and no sugar. I have too many allergies to these things. I eat green vegetables and try to keep the fruit to low glycemic. I am sick of this diet, and I am even sicker with the weight that goes no where. What can I read? What can I do? I liked your article. Best I've seen yet.

    • kerry lattimore says:

      Go to Dr Mercola has a nutrition plan on his website that works. Eat organic, grass fed free range beef and free range organic chicken and eggs.
      quit eating all grains and potatos. Use organic raw dairy. Eat organic food. Eat lots of raw food. Read lots on Dr Mercola's website.
      Get a trainer to help you work out.
      I did this and over about a 2 years lost 40 lbs.
      I'm also a breast cancer survivor.
      Take control of your health.

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